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Weekly Robot- Transformers Universe: Darkwind (Ultra Class, 2009)

This particular figure is what got me back into collecting Transformers, so I'll always have a soft spot for him. Darkwind, renamed from the original Darkwing due to trademark issues, is a redeco of the Ultra Class Universe Silverbolt figure. At the time I received him as a gift I had no idea what redecos were and didn't care, because I had the original Darkwing and I instantly fell in love with this upgraded version. Plus, sorry Silverbolt, but Darkwind's overall redesign for this mold is just so much sexier. He didn't quite have the right head design but the colors and articulation really impressed me and so I was doomed to fall back into this hobby.

What also sealed the deal is that he has some light up features as well as 'jet' and 'gun' sounds. Usually not a big deal for me, but when you move his torso for transformation it does the old school transforming noise from the cartoons and that was it for me. His weapon also has a spring-loaded missle and it is a pure miracle that I still have it on hand.

His Transformation is incredibly easy so there's not too much to talk about there, but once you get him into his jet mode he looks amazing. I'm a fan of Transformer jets and his is an especially sleek design with great colors.

I'm giving him an 8/10. He's not the most exciting when it comes to his transformation, but he's on point with those colors and for me he's a double punch of nostalgic joy.

Original tech specs:

There are those who might call Darkwind bitter or pessimistic. In his opinion, if you're not at least a little bit bitter, you're not paying attention. To Darkwind, life is one long, unending trial of pain and suffering. What's not to be bitter about? Some guys with his attitude write poetry. Others paint themselves black and mope. Not Darkwind. If life is going to be nothing but a pit of darkness, he's going to make sure that at least it's worse for everyone else than it is for him.

You can learn more about Darkwind (or the robot formerly known as Darkwing and Darkwind because he was renamed again due to trademark issues) here.

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