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Weekly Robot: Robots in Disguise Skywarp Warrior Class (2017)

I've not picked up many of the RID line of Transformers as in general I was too late to check it out and their overall aesthetics don't quite always hit for me. Skywarp's color scheme works really well for this mold though as the blacks and purples highlight his lithe form and sleek design.

His transformation isn't too tricky, but I manage to forget how it works every time and I'm always a little nervous I'm going to break off a chunk of him. Still, once you finally remember how it works it's an interesting series of folds and unhinging body parts that leave you with a pretty sweet looking space jet.

The jet is where the money's at with this sucker. It just looks great even though most of his body parts are just kind of hanging out there. While you know that entire top part is just bent up knees and feet, they're great looking knees and feet that give it a sleek and murderous visage.

I think I have to give him a 7/10. I'm really happy with this iteration of Skywarp, but the RID styling still doesn't 100% vibe with me. And while his transformation isn't bad, the fact that I can never quite remember it correctly and it makes me nervous means it's not exactly intuitive. Still, that's one sexy murder jet.

You can learn more about this version of Skywarp (it's Transformers and he's popular, so it gets a little confusing) here.

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