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Weekly Robot- Pacific Rim Uprising: Obsidian Fury - Tamashii Nations Robot Spirits

So hey, I realllllllly didn't like the Pacific Rim sequel but a great looking robot is a great looking robot. Plus at the time of release this series was just $30 a pop which is kind of crazy considering the level of detail and articulation they have.

Obsidian Fury comes with a pair of alternate hands as well as removable energy chainsaws, which instantly means I love him. And not only does he have arm mounted chainsaws, their translucent arm mounted chainsaws. On the list of arm mounted cybernetic accessories I've always wanted since childhood, you better believe chainsaws are towards the top of the list. Under the much coveted fusion canon option, of course.

The figure gets most of his articulation due to his ball-joints which, and just visually mind you, make me a little nervous of breakage from time to time. He feels pretty sturdy overall though, so as long as you're not bashing him against the ground or anything it should be fine.

I have to give Obsidian a 10/10, it just looks great and is incredibly poseable.

The movie was painful though, lacking most of the charm of the first one. I mean yay, robot/kaiju action, but bleh for story.

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