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Crowdfunding Worth Your Time & Money: SOME STRANGE DISTURBANCES- A Cold Winter's Eve

The original Some Strange Disturbances by local Seattle creator Craig Hurd-McKenney is a favorite of mine and I've been eagerly awaiting more stories taking place in this carefully crafted world of victorian horror.

A tradition now lost, telling Christmas ghost stories was a long-standing Victorian tradition. In SOME STRANGE DISTURBANCES: A Cold Winter's Eve, we take a break in the action and revisit that tradition, with the SSD characters sitting around a hearth and telling each other ghost stories on a cold, cold Christmas Eve.

SSD features a diverse cast of LGBTQ+ and POC characters in a well researched and realized setting of Victorian London. If you are a history buff or a fan of horror you should definitely check out the first volume and support Hurd-McKenny's future journeys into this amazing world.

Support the Kickstarter here

And you can find more at:

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