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Working Through The Queue: Troll Bridge, The Seed of Juna, Dinosaurs: The True Story, & Final Offer

Sometimes you just don't feel like committing too much time to a full movie or show, so that's when you decide to waste time on Youtube (where you end up committing nearly the exact same amount of time). Here's a handful of short programs worth hunting down.


Troll Bridge

Based off of a short Terry Pratchett Discworld story from 1991, Troll Bridge follows Cohen the Barbarian and his magical talking horse as he seeks to do battle with a troll. Once he finds the perfect spot and a CGI troll pops up to defend its territory they end up reminiscing about the good old days before modernization caught up with their fantasy world.

There's some pretty nice cinematography with some beautiful landscapes, and it captures that Pratchett tone incredibly well. It clocks in to a little under a half hour, and it's worth watching the credits for the ballad 'What Cohen Did Next Song'.


The Seed of Juna

Juna has a 13 minute pilot and a trailer for a series, and if you're up for a goopy body horror biopunk apocalyptic action feature then look no further. The pilot doesn't really take any time to explain itself or the world (or worlds) we are seeing, but basically it follows the titular character as she clashes with a religious sect and wakes up in another world after dying.

While light on plot and character, it has plenty of interesting design work and pretty fluid animation for the fight scenes. Worth taking a look if you just want that quick infusion of creepy tone and action.


Dinosaurs: The True Story

This one is only four minutes long so make some time for this cute little animation revealing how the dinosaurs really went extinct. I am 100% here for President Rex.


Final Offer

This incredibly charming 11 minute short sci-fi piece follows a down-on-his-luck lawyer (Aaron Abrams) as he wakes up to find himself as Earth's representative in negotiations with an alien creature (Anna Hopkins) looking to acquire Earth's oceans. Both actors give a fantastic performance and infuse the piece with a ton of personality, and if you're just in the mood for a fun story where you can root for the underdog then I highly recommend giving a shot.

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