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Working Through The Queue: SCP Lore via TheVolgun

I've been working my way through TheVolgun's selection of SCP entries whenever I'm just not in the mood to commit to a full movie or show. It's sort of like tuning into a podcast with some nice (and by nice I mean horrible) art floating in the background, and I appreciate the range of options as the videos can go anywhere between 10minutes to an hour or longer. Plus, I've just been in the mood for some unique horror so this has been hitting the spot pretty well.

If you're not familiar with SCP, the SCPDeclassified reddit has a nice summary stating that it's, "A collaborative creative writing platform centering around a fictional "Foundation," a scientific and military organization that seeks to protect humanity and the status quo by locating and containing anomalies, objects, lifeforms, events, locations, concepts, creations, and phenomena that - in one way or another - violate natural law." TheVolgun has a nice video going into details as well, but the short of it is just think of the shadowy organization from the film Cabin In The Woods and then expand that concept like a billion fold.

The entries may be a little dry as they are all in a uniform style that takes the form of government files, but that's SCP all around and it works for me for a few reasons, especially since I consider the horror of beauraccracy to be worse than most Lovecraftian elements. They do find ways to break from that though with their recordings of interviews and found media excerpts, which The Volgun does an excellent job of narrating to bring more life into the articles. The part I love the most though is the sheer range of ideas and storytelling and that you can jump from some articles that are monster fiction to some dark comedy and then to existential dread. It's a smorgasbord of monsters and nightmares with a super active fanbase that feeds into it with more artwork and videos like these.

It's hard to really review these, so I'll just share a couple of my favorites so far:

SCP-1983 │ Doorway to Nowhere- This is a one-story farmhouse in Wyoming with a door that contains a spatial anomaly. There's some funky physics going on in there, but what's worse is the bipedal creatures that can rip out your heart while leaving your chest intact.

SCP-2032 │ Father Time- This is an elderly man whose memory directly affects the general public's historical recollection, and his health is failing.

SCP-1459 │ The Puppy Machine- This is basically an arcade claw machine that produces a puppy and requires you to decide on a new way for it to murder the puppy. It ignores general physics and reality, so pretty much anything is possible. You get a cookie for each puppy murdered in a new fashion. The cookies are terrible.

SCP-096 │ The "Shy Guy" -Shy Guy is humanoid, and generally docile, unless someone sees its face. Regardless of where someone is it will know if they saw its face even if they just saw a recording, and it will hunt them down. There's some great (horrible) short stories about how this was all learned.

SCP-2406 │ The Colossus- 2406 is basically an ancient Greek mecha created to fight of some horrible kaiju-esque monster.

SCP-2009 │ Thomas Hoang- 2009 describes all instances of 'an anomalous male humanoid capable of asexual reproduction by means of spores.' You know those 'zombie' spores that force ants to climb up to tall places so when they die they can spread more spores? Think that, but if one specific personality of a person did so and it rewrote other people on a biological and mental level.

SCP-3288 │ The Aristocrats- 3288 refers to an entire species descended from members of the royal House of Habsburg. Hundreds of years spent living underground and inbreeding have evolved them into predators with a taste for human flesh.

That's just a tiny taste, as TheVolgun has nearly 200 videos and there are thousands of SCPs ranging from horror movie type slashers to reality bending rubber duckies. So if you're in the mood to get lost down a rabbit hole of horror but you like parsing it down to little segments here and there then I definitely recommend giving these a shot.

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