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Working Through The Queue: Lake Michigan Monster (2018)

I found this on a 'follow the Amazon Prime algorithm' night, and considering how much trash is available on Amazon I didn't have the highest hopes. I was glad to be wrong in this instance as I ended up loving this odd low-budget mash up that's a mix of 50's horror schlock and Lovecraftian vibes with hints of Almost Live, MST3K, Edgar Wright, and Kids In The Hall/The State.

LMM follows an idiot ship captain as he forms a crew of 'specialists' to take revenge on the monster that killed his father. His team consists of sonar individual Nedge Pepsi, weapons expert Sean Shaughnessy, and Dick Flynn, former officer of the Nautical Athletes Adventure Yunit (N.A.V.Y.).

The story follows their numerous attempts at killing the monster and Captain Seafield's terrible incompetence as things get worse with each iteration of his 'plan'. The plot starts to take some interesting twists as it starts to delve deeper into the supernatural and slowly becomes a focus on just Seafield's exploits, tossing in more and more Lovecraftian overtones while still balancing everything out with its humor.

The pace of the comedy is what really kept me engaged as they had a number of great performances and fun character bits throughout. I also admire their dedication to certain gags while also experimenting, which leads to some odd bits that I'm not sure paid off. In one instance they interrupt a repeating visual gag with a different joke and I'm not entirely sure if they derailed both or enhanced both. Still, I appreciate that they went for it.

LMM is quirky fun with a lot of heart, fully embracing old movie monster schlock and capturing some actually creepy vibes along the way. It also moves at a quick pace, so you'll know if it's your cup of tea within the first few minutes. Plus, it also gets more surreal as it progresses, and I absolutely loved its nonsensical underwater action sequences so I kinda recommend it just for that reason as well.

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