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Weekly Robot- Generations Titans Return Legends Class Seaspray (2017)

I love chonky robots and this version of Seaspray has that added charm of having some big honking Humberto Ramos style feet. My love for the original figure still holds strong, and there just haven't been too many releases of this character overall so it's great to have this updated version finally.

The blocky aesthetic really works for me, and I've always been a fan of his color scheme so he looks great in vehicle and robot mode. His transformation is nicely simplistic with a lot of tucking and bending to fold him up. Seaspray's articulation is pretty solid too, the only issue being his giant feet being somewhat cumbersome while you try to pose him. On the flip side, his feet are also just chunky enough that they can support some great running poses without the help of a stand or anything.

He's a lot of fun, looks great, and fills that niche of a well designed mini-bot for any Transformers collection. I have to give him a 9/10.

Also, I randomly decided there needs to be a fanfiction where Seaspray and Water Walk from the Go-Bots are Miami Vice type partners, so enjoy their team-up pics in the gallery below. You're welcome.

Original tech specs:

"Be unyielding as the ocean waves and your enemies shall fall."
Displays a zest for his job unmatched by fellow Autobots. Loves the ocean and its creatures... unhappy when he returns to land and reverts to robot form. Loves the thrill of naval battle. Can go 120 knots, 4000 mile range. Has sonar radar and underwater and surface-to-air lasers, also used in robot mode. Wheels allow limited land travel. Not too strong or mobile as robot.

You can learn more about Seaspray here.

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