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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Superheroes (Indy)

This batch features a new Astro City one-shot, some turtle action, Image pushing their new superhero universe line, Mike Mignola's new quirky pulp space hero, and a kaiju crossover with the Power Rangers.



(W) Kurt Busiek (A) Brent Eric Anderson, Alex Sinclair (CA) Alex Ross

ASTRO CITY returns with an all-new special! Who were the Jayhawks? How did they inspire five teen sidekicks looking for answers to hit the road in a rickety crime mobile in 1969? And how will this affect Astro City in the present? This one-shot special features new and existing heroes and launches a mystery that will drive the forthcoming ASTRO CITY series. And don't miss the ASTRO CITY METROBOOK, collecting the first three years of the acclaimed series!


Why this caught my eye:

All of this new Astro City hype has me tempted to start a reread from the beginning. And the ew reprints will be tempting because I have gaps in my collected editions......curses.....



(W) Juni Ba (A/CA) Juni Ba

The Turtles embark on a secret mission to their roots, but a mysterious creature hunts them relentlessly. The Turtles will have to find a new way to come together to escape their foe-and the pain that haunts them. A special story of remembrance and family written and drawn by acclaimed artist Juni Ba!


Why this caught my eye:

I'm just really into Juni Ba these days.



(W) Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott, Mat Groom (A/CA) Francesco Manna, Igor Monti


2021's hottest new superhero RADIANT BLACK launches into his first ever crossover event with the Image Comics debut of INFERNO GIRL RED and the first appearance of ROGUE SUN! The future of Image's superhero universe is here!

Power Rangers: Shattered Grid architects KYLE HIGGINS & RYAN PARROTT, MAT GROOM & FRANCESCO MANNA from Marvel's Ultraman, and colorist extraordinaire IGOR MONTI unite for a one-shot, extra-length crossover event so big it can only be called-SUPERMASSIVE.


Why this caught my eye:

Image seems to be putting an earnest amount of push into their new superhero push so I can appreciate that. I'm most interested in the Inferno Red Girl aspect ever since the Kickstarter for that title popped up.



(W) Mike Mignola (A) Greg Hinkle (CA) Mike Mignola

When a ship crashes and lands on a mysterious planet and some of the surviving crew go missing, the mysterious mechanical hero Radio Spaceman is called to investigate. But the planet hides much more than the missing crew, and Radio Spaceman may be stumbling into more than even he can handle.

Based on Mignola's viral pencil sketches, Radio Spaceman is a steampunk space adventure full of mystery, monsters, and awesome gadgets. Featuring the amazing art of Greg Hinkle (The Beauty, Black Cloud) and colors by longtime Mignolaverse collaborator Dave Stewart, this new series is perfect for Mignola fans old and new!


Why this caught my eye:

This just sounds like a fun Mignola tangent, like his Amazing Screw-On Head. I can appreciate these fun little side projects as a break for the artist to just play around with and have fun.



(W) Cullen Bunn (A/CA) Freddie Williams II

From IDW Publishing and Boom! Studios, two titanic powers collide in a cross-company collaboration event you never expected . . . but makes complete sense!

When Rita Repulsa uses an ancient artifact to transport herself to a universe without Power Rangers, she finds herself on a world with aliens, kaiju, and . . . Godzilla! Hoping to annihilate this new foe, Rita hurls her own terrible creatures into battle. But she never expects that the Rangers have followed her to this alternate reality! Now, the Dinozords themselves are going head-to-head with the King of the Monsters!

Written by superstar scribe Cullen Bunn (Godzilla: Cataclysm) and illustrated by artist extraordinaire Freddie Williams II (Batman/TMNT)!


Why this caught my eye:

That's a pretty fun mash-up of talent and properties so it's kind of hard to pass up. Also, since we can see the Dragon Zord on the cover, does that mean that the Green Power Ranger be able to summon and control Mecha-Godzilla? And more importantly, will Jet Jaguar appear to kick Goldar's ass? Y'know, life's important questions.


That's it for this batch, we'll hit up LGBTQ+ material on the next round!

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