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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Superheroes (Indy)

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

This batch of indy superhero titles includes Victor Santos taking a look at a down-on-his-luck 90's hero, a deconstruction of the Death of Superman, another installment in the Black Hammer universe, a new printing of Astro City, and a mystery about some sketchy superheroes.



(W) Victor Santos (A/CA) Victor Santos

From the creator of the bestselling comic, Polar, now a NETFLIX HIT MOVIE starring Mads Mikkelsen, comes a new creator owned series. A tale of crime and capes in the style of THE BOYS, WATCHMEN and SIN CITY. The 90s were the most extreme age of the superheroes... but times have changed. Gabin Hart, AKA Damager, now works as a bouncer in a strip club managed by the Russian mob, hangs out sporadically with his ex Avengelady, and wrestles with the long-term effects of his cyber-implants. But Fate always keeps one last cheap shot up its sleeve for a hero.


Why this caught my eye:

I enjoy Santos's style quite a bit, and the pitch also just sorta wins with the fact that the ex's name is Avengelady. This feels like it will be poking just the right amount of fun at 90's extreme comics while also balancing its own grittiness.



(W) Steve Orlando (A) Patrick Piazzalunga (CA) David Talaski

Thirty years ago, the world watched in horror as THE PATRON, a hero sent as humanitarian aid from a different dimension, went punch for punch with WOE, a primordial beast and a perfect match for our mighty protector. In the end, hero and villain alike fell...but the Patron returned - and continues to defend us to this day!

At least, that's what we've all been told. The truth is, the Patron died that day along with Woe. The UN replaced the Patron with a Reploid, designed to mimic the real Patron and continue on his mission of protection. Today, the Patron Reploid is secretly piloted by an elite team - a team prepared for anything... except for the death of one of their own.

A deep dive into the underside of the superhero mythos as only writer Steve Orlando (KILL A MAN, Midnighter, Martian Manhunter) can tell it. Illustrated by Patrick Piazzalunga (Siege, X-Factor), this volume contains issues #1-5.


Why this caught my eye:

I'm all for alternative takes on the Death of Superman story these days, and Orlando feels like just the right choice to have fun with it.



(W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Tyler Crook

After signing at a comic book convention, Unbelievable Unteens artist Jane Ito finds herself visited by one of the characters from her own creation-but was it her own creation? Were the Unteens an actual school of teenaged misfit superheroes who battled supervillains under the lead of the mysterious Dr. Miles Moniker? And if so who wiped their memories and why? As Jane's world is turned upside down and she learns the true nature of her identity she discovers a sinister plot leading her to assemble a team she had suspected was purely fictional.

Collects issues #1-#4 of the series and featuring a sketchbook section and pinups by Emi Lenox, John McCrea, Tonci Zonjic, and Ray Fawkes!


Why this caught my eye:

It can be tricky to keep tracking of all the branching lines of the Black Hammer universe so this is just a sort of reminder for anyone who may have missed it. Plus, I absolutely love Tyler Crook's art.



(W) Kurt Busiek (A) Brent Eric Anderson, Will Blyberg, Steve Buccellato, Alex Sinclair (CA) Alex Ross

A hero dreams of flight. An alien spy prepares for invasion. A young man is mentored by a hero with dark secrets. A street criminal discovers a hero's identity. And much, much more. Step into a world of heroes and see them from a whole different perspective. These are the multiple-award-winning stories that began the epic series and changed how we think about superheroes.

Collects KURT BUSIEK'S ASTRO CITY, VOL. 1 (#1-6) & VOL. 2 (#1-12)


Why this caught my eye:

It's not like reprints of Astro City have been too difficult to find over the years, but it did just strike me that it launched over 26 years ago (ugh) so there are plenty who may not be familiar with it. So yes, you should check this out if that is the case, because while I can't say all 26 years of it has been captivating these early stories are gold. Plus the Tarnished Angel arc, make sure to read that one.



(W) Bones Leopard (A/CA) Nichole Matthews, Kelly Matthews

* Aoe, Thel, and Gen, better known as The Lovely Trio, first burst onto the scene five years ago when they saved Earth from a surprise space monster attack.

* Everyone idolizes them as super-heroic pop icon magical girls, including Gigi, whose brother died as a bystander in one of their battles. But when Gigi witnesses the Lovely Trio battling a monster firsthand, she sees something that causes her to question everything she thought she ever knew about her heroes, and the "monsters" they fight, who may not be monsters after all!

* What she learns just might save the world, but only if she can survive the Lovely Trio herself in this magical new graphic novel from the team behind Pandora's Legacy, writer Bones Leopard (Identical) and artists Kelly & Nichole Matthews (Just Beyond).

* Collects Save Yourself! #1-4.


Why this caught my eye:

Pandora's Legacy is a favorite of mine and I'm a fan of Kelly & Nichole Matthews, so I'm pretty down with them doing a mystery about sketchy superheroes.


That's it for this batch, we'll take a look at some LGBTQ+ books on the next run!

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