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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Sci-Fi

This batch of sci-fi titles includes some post-apocalyptic games, a little Dune action, a visit to the world of Firefly, some Cowboy Bebop to fill the void of season 2 being cancelled, an expanded edition of some Jeff Parker goodness, some sci-fi in the tradition of Explorers, an AI solving a mystery, and a tempting black and white rerelease of a Moebius classic.



(W) Merwan (A/CA) Merwan

The small, post-apocalyptic zone of Pan is threatened by the hi-tech neighboring Federation of Fortuna, and their only hope is to win the ritualized game known as "Celestial Mechanics". And their key to winning lies with a girl from the outside named Aster...


Why this caught my eye:

I like Merwan's style a lot, plus I generally just like checking out new Magnetic press projects.



(W) Brian Herbet, Kevin J. Anderson (A) Jakub Rebelka (CA) Jeff Dekal

During the chaos of the legendary Battle of Arrakeen, a group of Atreides soldiers get caved in.

So while Paul Atreides meets his destiny in battle, Sgt. Vitt uses his family's gift of storytelling as a Jongleur to transport his men from their tomb to their homeworld of Caladan.

Can Vitt mentally transport them back to the lushness and vast oceans of Caladan and give them the gift of hope in the darkness?


Why this caught my eye:

We've got a while before Dune Pt 2 hits, so here's something to keep ya busy for a bit at least. Plus, gotta love them Dekal covers.



(W) Jeff Jensen (A) Vincenzo Federici, Jordi Perez, Fabiana Mascolo (CA) In-Hyuk Lee

It's the holiday season and Jayne's selfish behavior receives the unwanted attention of three visiting spirits who reveal the hidden past, present and future of Serenity's most...miserly crew member.

A beloved character returns as the Ghost of Firefly Past, while a fellow crew member guides Jayne through the here and now, showing the consequences of his actions in the present.

But it's the Ghost of Firefly Future, Emma Washburne, who reveals the most shocking fate of all. Can Jayne turn over a new leaf and avert the disaster headed his way?

Celebrate the holiday season with your favorite Browncoats in this self-contained special by Emmy and Eisner Award-winning writer Jeff Jensen (HBO's Watchmen, Better Angels: A Kate Warne Adventure) and artists Vincenzo Federici (Go-Go Power Rangers), Jordi Perez (Firefly), & Fabiana Mascolo (Firefly: Brand New 'Verse).


Why this caught my eye:

I haven't been keeping up with most of the Firefly comic media but a short Jayne story would be the thing to pull me in, plus there's some nice artistic talent in this package.



(W) Dan Watters (A) Lamar Mathurin (CA) Stanley Lau

BASED ON THE NEW NETFLIX LIVE-ACTION ADAPTATION OF THE ORIGINAL ANIME! An original story set in the year 2171. The bounty hunter crew of the spaceship Bebop chase an ex-gang member who holds a vest which gives the wearer unlimited luck. OCT211772

Why this caught my eye:

Welp, with the series being cancelled it looks like this will be the only way to enjoy any content with this iteration of the characters. Hopefully they'll let this run at least an arc or two if not longer, because I really enjoy the look of Mathurin's art for this world. Plus hey, that's just a nice Artgerm cover.



(W) Jeff Parker (A) Sandy Jarrell

One summer night, Alden Baylor sits in a field watching the largest meteor shower in human history. What begins as teenage adventure becomes something more-the celestial event brings travelers who will change the world completely, and Alden discovers a connection to one of them. How does a young man who had to grow up fast handle the invasion of his planet? Can Alden keep humanity from oblivion?

From writer Jeff Parker (Aquaman, Hulk) and artist Sandy Jarrell (Batman '66) comes this story of adolescence, friendship, and hard decisions. The deluxe Expanded Edition features twenty new pages of story and art interspersed with the original pages of this modern classic!


Why this caught my eye:

Hey, I already did a review for this, so that's handy.



(W) Scott Chitwood (A/CA) Danny Luckert

When Eric is hit by a mysterious blast of light from space, he suddenly finds his mind filled with designs for strange devices. But when he blindly begins building them, he won't discover what they do until he and his friends turn them on. But do they dare? In the spirit of The Goonies and Explorers, the adventure begins here from the creators of Haunted and Riptide!


Why this caught my eye:

They say Goonies/Explorers, but I read Travolta's Phenomenon with that solicit info. And now I just hear Eric Clapton's Change The world in my head. I can't tell you if any of this is good or bad, so I'm just gonna move on.



(W) Simon Birks (A) Juan Fleites

If a tree falls in an abandoned spaceship, does it make a sound? Gone tells the story of a spaceship where all of the crew have disappeared. Waking up after many years of hibernation, the AssistA robot must piece together the mystery of the missing people. But all is not as it seems, and AssistA is not as alone as it thinks it is...


Why this caught my eye:

I do like the pitch, although at this point 'abandoned AI solves missing human mystery/raises human children/deals with leftover human crap' does feel a little played out. I am always interested to see what new twists people can do with this setting though.



(W) Alejandro Jodorowsky (A) Moebius

The Sci-Fi masterpiece by Moebius and Jodorowsky illustrating the tribulations of the shabby detective John Difool as he searches for the precious and coveted Incal-released in this Black & White Special Edition for the first time in English. At nearly 4 million copies sold, The Incal is the highest-selling science fiction graphic novel of all time. Now, English readers can lose themselves in the beauty of Moebius' raw, masterful linework in an oversized, deluxe gallery edition-perfect for collectors seeking the ultimate reading experience!


Why this caught my eye:

It's not like I need to drop $100 bucks on a story I've already dropped too much money on because of various editions and slipcase hardcovers and specials........but damn, some black and white Moebius artwork? Damn. Why you gotta do me like that Humanoids?



That's it for this batch, we'll hit some fantasy titles!

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