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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Sci-Fi

Again, some of this is already out or about to come out. I culled a lot out for the sake of catching up, but here are a handful of items that look like we may not want to miss out on them.

You'll see that I'll try to include a little order code with most items (ex:FEB211476). Show some love to your retailer and use those codes when you can, it saves a lot of time on the data entry end of things.



(W) Jonathan Hickman (A/CA) Mike Huddleston


There are many assassins in the known universe, this is the story of the most well-mannered one.

Collects DECORUM #1-8.


Why this caught my eye:

Besides being a Hickman fan, a nice hardcover edition to spotlight that beautiful Huddleston art just sounds great.



(W) Bob Huszar (A/CA) Ken Landgraf

Mankind has fallen and the weak exist only to serve The Great Machines. What rebels remain are hunted to die in the areas or enslaved to build the great computer pyramids. But this is not the end...

Witness legendary Outlaw Comics master, Ken Landgraf's comics apocalypse!


Why this caught my eye:

Landgraf is an interesting creator, and I generally like to keep an eye out for what Floating World Comics is putting out into the world.



(W) Ram V. (A/CA) Anand Rk

Long after the rock out of space struck the world and turned it all to dust, in Bakerstown stands the last Radio Station on the planet. Radio Apocalypse broadcasting into the unknown, a beacon in the dark for those who wander the lost places. Now change is coming to Bakerstown. Among the refugees flocking into an already precarious settlement, an orphan boy Rion, caught in an indiscretion, will twine his fate with the Radio Station. And in doing so, begin this mixtape of love and heartbreak and interminable hope. This soundtrack to the end of the world. FEB211600

Why this caught my eye:

Ram V is just one of those current creators that it pays to keep an eye on. Anand RK's art is also pretty great.



(W) Karla Nappi (A) Marianna Strychowska (CA) Leila Del Duca

Duplicant is a thriller about the forces conspiring against the one man who offers hope during a pandemic. That man is Matt Travers, a scientist who creates duplicate organs that saves humanity from the organ failure contagion... only their high cost forces people into indentured servitude. In answer to this, a dangerous black market arises which is run by a religious fanatic and Matt's former mentor. Following Matt's life-changing encounter with a "Duplicant," a recipient of his technology, he comes to question everything he knows as he strives to learn the truth behind his encounter. FEB211508

Why this caught my eye:

Plot sounds a bit reminiscent of Repo! The Genetic Opera, but it also sounds like it has some interesting new elements to play with. What's really pulling me in is the Strychowska artwork, check out her website because her work is great.



(W) Gilbert Deltrez (A) Sebastian Navas

A love letter to the Saturday morning cartoons of the 80's and 90's! A group of capybara galactic bounty hunters - Bash, Ripple, Mona-Lisa, and their father figure, a gunslinging gecko named Gan-Gon - find themselves on the run when a huge interstellar bounty is placed on their heads! Facing everything from viper snipers, armed armadas, and even a hulking robo-shark, can the heroic crew of capybaras come together as a family before it's too late?


Why this caught my eye:

Ya had me at capybara bounty hunters and robo-shark. Also, Navas' art just looks like fun.



(W) Angela Vianello (A/CA) Angela Vianello

Aqua is a teenage girl, but she's changing in ways that are incomprehensible to herself and those around her. When she can no longer control her mutating body, she must seek help. Something ancestral is resurfacing in her, and it's ripping away her humanity in the process.


Why this caught my eye:

Vianello's artwork is the big pull for me here, definitely curious to see what here storytelling is like.



(W) Mark Sherman, Michael Cohen (A/CA) Michael Cohen

The return of indie comic book sensation Strange Attractors! Sophie, curator of a futuristic museum, is caught up in an adventure involving science, magic, mathematics and comic books. Sophie finds a mysterious medallion and meets Meson, both of which will change her life forever! Each issue has a standard cover, a retro cover, and a guest artist variant cover.

This issue's guest artist is Wandering Star creator Teri S. Wood!


Why this caught my eye:

I have vague memories of seeing this series out back when I was 13-15 years old or so and working at my first comic shop. We had a bunch in the overstock in the backroom, and I think I was just too young to really care at the time? Anywho, from what I can tell this is a reprint series, and if you're curious to check it out you can take a look at this site online. It has the same fun b&w indie comic vibe that Zot had back in the day.


That's it for this batch, we'll hit fantasy on the next installment!

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