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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Nonfiction

There were a couple really great looking gems in this most recent catalog, including a few items that I believe were pushed back due to Covid. We finally get to see them released soon, so here's a quick run down on a bunch of nonfiction to keep an eye out for!

You'll see that I'll try to include a little order code with most items (ex:JUL200019). Show some love to your retailer and use those codes when you can, it saves a lot of time on the data entry end of things.



(W) Yvon Roy (A/CA) Yvon Roy

The award-winning graphic novel autobiography of a father, and the challenges he faces raising his autistic son. This stunning insight into the nature of autism and the daily struggles of a parent uses humor and compassion to convey its message. This is the perfect creative outlet for anyone - from parent to teacher - looking for detailed information on the subject with a more personal touch. Winner of the Disability Fund & Society Award for Best Biography.


Why this caught my eye:

I think we were originally expecting this back in April or May, which feels like years ago. It looks like it will be a great book to stock for educators and libraries, and I'm really liking Roy's art style.



(W) Elliot Kirschner, Dan Rather (A) Tim Foley

In this graphic novel adaptation of his bestselling collection of essays, legendary news anchor Dan Rather provides a voice of reason and explores what it means to be a true patriot. Brought to life in stunning color by artist Tim Foley, What Unites Us takes apart the building blocks of this country, from the freedoms that define us, to the values that have transformed us, to the institutions that sustain us. Rather's vast experience and his unique perspective shed light on who we were and who we are today, allowing us to see a possible future, where we are one country - united. DEC201492

Why this caught my eye:

While there have been throngs of political satire books (mostly about Trump) released this year and I believe that sort of venting is necessary, I feel like there's also a need for some more positive and constructive material to come out and this may fit the bill. Publisher FIRST SECOND generally sets a high benchmark for quality, so I'm expecting this to be pretty solid.



(W) Darryl Cunningham (A) Darryl Cunningham

Darryl Cunningham offers an illuminating analysis of the origins and ideological evolutions of four key players in the American private sector: Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, and oil and gas tycoons Charles and David Koch. What emerges in these informative and hilarious biographies, is a vital critique of American capitalism and the power these individuals have to assert a corrupting influence on policy-making, political campaigns, and society writ large. DEC201389

Why this caught my eye:

Cunningham is known for his graphic investigative work and has focused on science, psychiatry, global economics, and more. If you're looking to get into a deep dive that focuses on rich assholes in graphic novel form then look no further.



(W) Luis Bustos, Nacho Carretero (A/CA) Luis Bustos

A TRUE STORY and expose on Drug Trafficking in Europe! Now a hit Netflix show! In Cocaine Coast, journalist Nacho Carretero and Luis Bustos tell the incredible true story of how a sleepy, unassuming corner of Spain became the cocaine gateway into Europe from Colombia, exposing a new generation of criminals, cartels and corrupt officials, more efficient and ruthless than any who came before. A docu-graphic novel, with lots of action and adventure, Cocaine Coast tells us about the violent past, present and future of drug trafficking in Europe.


Why this caught my eye:

This batch of nonfiction features has a slightly more depressing slant this time around, doesn't it? This partially caught my eye because it's being put out by Ablaze, so it feels like they're trying to diversify their offerings a bit more. That's a great sign as more publishers jumping into nonfiction just means a wealth of interesting material for us.



(W) Joseph Tychonievich (A) Liz Anna Kozik

The first graphic novel guide to growing a successful vegetable garden, from planning, prepping, and planting, to troubleshooting, care, and harvesting.

Like having your own personal gardening mentor at your side, The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food is the story of Mia, an eager young professional who wants to grow her own vegetables but doesn't know where to start, and George, her retired neighbor who loves gardening and walks her through each step of the process. Throughout the book, "cheat sheets" sum up George's key facts and techniques, providing a handy quick reference for anyone starting their first vegetable garden, including how to find the best location, which vegetables are easiest to grow, how to pick out the healthiest plants at the store, when (and when not) to water, how to protect your plants from pests, and what to do with extra produce if you grow too much.

If you are a visual learner, beginning gardener, looking for something new, or have struggled to grow vegetables in the past, you'll find this unique illustrated format ideal because many gardening concepts-from proper planting techniques to building raised beds-are easier to grasp when presented visually, step by step. Easy and entertaining, The Comic Book Guide to Growing Food makes homegrown vegetables fun and achievable.


Why this caught my eye:

Speaking of a range of nonfiction, if you had told me 10 years ago that we would be seeing books like this I would have been a bit skeptic. This strikes me as a pretty awesome thing to get out there though, especially to stock up classrooms and libraries in the hopes of getting younger readers interested.


That's it for this batch! We'll aim towards some superhero material next time.

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