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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Marvel

This batch features another 1000th issue spectacular, a new iteration of the Thunderbolts, some great She-Hulk reprints, the return of Damage Control, and those Neil Gaiman Miracleman reprints Marvel has been sitting on for over a decade.



(W) Kurt Busiek, Various (A) Goran Parlov, Various (CA) John Romita

The comic that brought you SPIDER-MAN hits issue #1000!

We're going big to celebrate in this, our thousandth issue of AMAZING FANTASY!

An ALL-STAR roster of creators are coming together to celebrate Peter Parker and Spider-Man's birthdays!


Why this caught my eye:

Side note as an old ex-retailer, the above solicit is seriously all they give for a book that costs $8 and they expect stores to just work with that......

So if you do some extra digging, you'll find that the book also features Neil Gaiman, Dan Slott, Jonathan Hickman, Ho Che Anderson, Rainbow Rowell, and more. At least now you have a better idea if it's worth a chunk of your comic budget.



(W) Jim Zub (A) Sean Izaakse (CA) David Nakayama


Super-powered crooks have taken hostages in Staten Island? A dimensional rift tears open in Chinatown? Monsters running amok at the Met? Call in the THUNDER!

New York City's finest are here to save the day - Hawkeye, Spectrum, America Chavez, Power Man, Persuasion and Gutsen Glory! You know 'em, you love 'em...they're the Thunderbolts!

In the aftermath of Devil's Reign, the Big Apple has big problems, and it's up to a new group of Thunderbolts to turn things around. But when Clint Barton gets tasked with heading up this team and proving they can go toe-to-toe with anything the Marvel Universe can throw at them, the first opponent he's going to have to face is himself.


Why this caught my eye:

It's always tough to catch that fun that was the original year of the first Thunderbolts run, but I'm always curious to see if anyone can get close to it. Plus I'm always down for a Monica Rambeau centric title, and Sean Izaakse's art is giving me some nice Carlos Pacheco/Jim Calafiore vibes.



(W) Dan Slott, Ty Templeton (A) Juan Bobillo, Various (CA) Adi Granov

Before he became a superstar on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, Dan Slott delighted readers with his sensational SHE-HULK run! Jennifer Walters is a gammapowered Green Goliath just like her Hulkish cousin, but her home is in the courtroom - where she takes on some of the Marvel Universe's wildest cases, litigating alongside coworkers like reformed android Awesome Andy and researching old Marvel comics to set legal precedents. Could She-Hulk's career get any stranger? Sure - when she's summoned to outer space to practice Universal Law for the Living Tribunal or pulled out of the timeline by the Time Variance Authority! But when the Superhuman Registration Act leads to a civil war, whose side will She-Hulk argue? Plus: all-out smackdowns against Titania, the Champion and an A-Z of the Hulk's enemies!

Collecting SHE-HULK (2004) #1-12, SHE-HULK (2005) #1-21 and MARVEL WESTERNS: TWO-GUN KID. 824 PGS./Rated T+ MAR221134

Why this caught my eye:

$100 bucks is a lot to drop if you've never sampled, but I gotta recommend this package as it was one of the best Marvel runs I ever enjoyed. It's also good prep work for the upcoming TV show.



(W) Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff (A) Jay P. Fosgitt (CA) Carlos Pacheco


Marvel's Unsung Heroes finally get sung! After the mega-powered battles and Hulk-level catastrophes, Damage Control is always there to clean up the mess and get things back to normal. But Damage Control is much more than just a glorified cleanup crew, and this new series will pull back the curtain and reveal the secret inner workings that were previously only available to people with Clearance Level Eight. And we'll witness it all through the eyes of Gus: a fresh-faced, eager newcomer to the company who has no idea how chaotic his life is about to become.

ADAM F. GOLDBERG (TV's The Goldbergs) and HANS RODIONOFF team up with WILL ROBSON to take you into the secret labyrinth of Damage Control, where it's totally common to run into familiar faces like Moon Knight! Nightcrawler! She-Hulk! And more!

Plus: A second story by DAMAGE CONTROL creator Dwayne McDuffie's McSpouse, Charlotte Fullerton, as the Damage Control crew must clean up after the Infinity Gauntlet!


Why this caught my eye:

Always loved the Damage Control concept, plus hey, gotta appreciate a Pacheco cover.



(W) Neil Gaiman (A/CA) Mark Buckingham

Award-winning writer NEIL GAIMAN (Sandman) and artist MARK BUCKINGHAM (Fables) unveil Miracleman's Golden Age! Atop Olympus, Miracleman presides over a brave new world forged from London's destruction. It is a world free of war, of famine, of poverty. A world of countless wonders. A world where pilgrims scale Olympus' peak to petition their living god while, miles below, the dead return in fantastic android bodies. It is an Age of Miracles - but is humankind ready for it? Do we even want it? Is there a place for humanity in a world of gods? Gaiman and Buckingham delve into the lives of lonely idealists, rebellious schoolchildren and fracturing families - exploring the human constant in a changing world of gods and miracles.

Collecting MIRACLEMAN (1985) #17-22 and material from TOTAL ECLIPSE #4 [as presented in MIRACLEMAN BY GAIMAN & BUCKINGHAM #1-6].


Why this caught my eye:

I don't know how many times I can say 'It's about time' but we'll just keep it coming I guess.


That's it for this batch, we'll check out some DC titles on the next round!

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