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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Manga

Kinda drowning in manga options in this newest catalog, so you might get a couple of these this month!

You'll see that I'll try to include a little order code with most items (ex:JUL200019). Show some love to your retailer and use those codes when you can, it saves a lot of time on the data entry end of things.



(W) Kishi Ueno (A/CA) Kishi Ueno

In a certain secret bar, the "Penguin Gentlemen" work, wearing their long tailed tuxedos. "You say it's cute how penguins waddle around? Hmph. We're not just cute! We're dandy, sexy, and marvelous!"


Why this caught my eye:

I figured we should start with the most interesting looking manga I've spotted because even though I have no real context and that solicit is vague it looks amazing. Also, go check out Kishi Ueno's artwork, it's chock full of fanciness and birds.



(W) Akihiko Higuchi (A) Akihiko Higuchi

Koganei Koito is a teenager who works as an attendant to the Takamimi Shrine. Rumors have it that a deity dwells within the shrine, but the actual resident is an immortal elf who found herself stuck on Earth some four hundred years ago. What's more, the elf is a total shut-in who won't go outside... and has developed a taste for video games! Now the attendants at the shrine have to cater to the elf's love of the most modern gizmos - from handheld games to virtual reality headsets - in this charming fantasy comedy!


Why this caught my eye:

I think my manga taste is fairly predictable at this point, and fantasy comedy ranks up pretty high in general. Fantasy comedy that crams a magical character into modern settings is now a pretty common trope as well but (dark) lord help me I still love it.



(W) Kokone Nata (A/CA) Kokone Nata

Enter: a bunch of cool guys who look like they got that unapproachable swag. But let's be real-that's not the true them. They're just a bunch of dorks who've got the act down pat. So sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy watching a bunch of goofy guys try to look cool all day every day.


Why this caught my eye:

This just looks charmingly stupid, so I'm in.



(W) Ryo Suzuri (A/CA) Ryo Suzuri

Makoto has long been ostracized because of his odd hobbies and a sexual kink others see as disgusting. One day he finds a book on summoning demons and manages to summon the intimidatingly beautiful and rather chatty Archduke J. The demon offers to grant Makoto's deepest twisted desire if he'll offer up his life in exchange. Once Makoto has sated his demented appetites, he fulfills his end of the bargain, only to find he's been reborn as a hell!


Why this caught my eye:

This is definitely one of those books you want to research a bit before jumping right in, as apparently Makoto's kink is cannibalism? But demon cannibalism? But also Boys Love? Or maybe just demon cannibalism that was human but then turned demon, with a side of Boys Love?'s Hannibal kinda? Seriously, half the fun is just trying to figure out what the hell it is you might be ordering.



(W) Satomi U (A) Satomi U

A boy with a bottomless stomach and a lonely widow with room at her dinner table serve up a heaping helping of secret happiness in this delightful foodie rom-com! When her husband passed away, Shuko Yakumo lost her appetite for life, and with it, her love of cooking. But her neighbor Shohei Yamato brings an end to Shuko's solitary existence. A high school baseball player living on his own, Shohei has a seemingly bottomless stomach... and this presents a challenge that Shuko is only too happy to accept! As her days begin to revolve around her secret hobby of feeding Shohei, will Shuko rediscover the happiness life has to offer?


Why this caught my eye:

And of course we must end on my other weakness, food manga. Slightly inappropriate rom-com food manga?, that tracks.


I promise I won't punish you with more manga right away. Oh, but I will eventually. Soon, soon.

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