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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Manga

This batch feature a K-pop obsessed yakuza, a tale of adolescence, some supernatural historical drama, a unique blend of the sweet and the perverse, the newest Junji Ito tome, and a coming of age tale with mermaids.



(W) Teki Yatsuda (A) Teki Yatsuda

A yakuza enforcer becomes the gang world's biggest K-pop stan in this cult comedy manga that went from webcomic to sleeper hit in Japan! Takeru is one of the top lieutenants in the feared yakuza outfit the Oshio-gumi. He lives his life by the code of the Japanese underworld, where nothing is more important than loyalty, and ties between soldiers and their aniki are sacred bonds. Takeru's never had time for hobbies... until the boss's only daughter Megumi drags him to a K-pop concert, and he sees the glittering, charismatic Jun for the first time. Smitten like a new recruit on his first job, Takeru plunges into fandom with the solemnity and passion only a true man who walks the way of the yakuza could muster.


Why this caught my eye:

Hey, I love Way of the House Husband so this just kinda fits a similar niche for me.



(W) Kyoko Okazaki (A/CA) Kyoko Okazaki

From renowned author, Kyoko Okazaki. the creator of Helter Skelter and Pink, comes a story of adolescence filled with friendship, drama and intertwined relationships of six high school friends whose already tangled relationship becomes increasingly tighter when they discover an unknown corpse near the river.


Why this caught my eye:

Getting some Stand By Me vibes from this, and I'm only vaguely aware of Kyoko Okazaki's work so I should get on that.



(W) Yu Aida (A/CA) Yu Aida

An action-packed and supernatural historical drama about a samurai-turned-rebel and a mysterious young woman-from the creator of the hit manga and anime Gunslinger Girl! The Edo period has ended, and former samurai Haruyasu is adrift in a strange new world. Not even the promise of rebellion can cure him of his desire for death. But after an assassination gone wrong, Haruyasu finds himself at the mercy of his intended victim's bodyguard, an intriguing young woman with the power to heal-so intriguing, in fact, that he decides he wants to live in order to learn more about her. But what will she ask in return for saving his life?


Why this caught my eye:

Supernatural historical drama is an oddly specific niche that I can go for at the moment.



(W) Shuzo Oshimi (A/CA) Shuzo Oshimi

From the creator of Blood on the Tracks, Shuzo Oshimi. A charming story of two middle-schoolers that have a close shave with love! Two middle school swimming club students have problems on opposite ends of the spectrum: Toshihiko Ota is troubled by hairlessness and bullied by his peers, while Ayako Goto garners attention for being too hairy. One day Ayako approaches Toshihiko with a crazy request-will he shave her body hair for her? A perfect example of Oshimi's unique blend of the sweet and the perverse, this is ultimately an innocent, charming love story.


Why this caught my eye:

I've gotten some Oshimi recommendations previously, but I'm also just amused by whoever has to write these solicits. "Ultimately an innocent, charming love story" sounds like some sort of technical concession after a lot of thought.



(W) Junji Ito

Countless tombstones stand in rows, forming a bizarre town. What fate awaits a brother and sister after a traffic accident in this town of the dead? In another tale, a girl falls silent, her tongue transformed into a slug. Can a friend save her? Then, when a young man moves to a new town, he finds the house next door has only a single window. What does his grotesque neighbor want, calling out to him every evening from that lone window? Fresh nightmares brought to you by horror master Junji Ito. JAN232143

Why this caught my eye:

Just your obligatory Junji Ito spotlight.



(W) Yoko Komori

Everyone but Tokiko denies the existence of merpeople, and yet the townspeople hold a festival every year to honor them. Can she solve the mystery of what is real and what is fantasy? And learn to live with the truth? When Tokiko's parents break up, she and her father move from the bustling city to a sleepy coastal town to live with her grandmother. Starting sixth grade in a new school where everyone has known each other their whole life isn't easy... Things start to look up when local boy Narumi, another outsider, wants to be friends! But then strange memories start to surface.

Swimming in the ocean...


Getting saved by...

...a merman?

For teen audiences.


Why this caught my eye:

Just sounds like a charming one shot manga with some coming of age themes.


That's it for this batch, we'll hit up some comedy on the next round!

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