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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Indy Superhero

This batch features arcade action in the style of Murder Falcon, retro cyberpulp with vampires, a new series with a Heroes/Sense8 vibe from Saladin Ahmed, a man who won't die, Mark Millar's new project, a mashup between X-Men and Pokemon, and the launch of Szymon Kudranski's new Image title.



(W) Dylan Burnett (A/CA) Dylan Burnett



Writer and artist DYLAN BURNETT (Ant-Man, Cosmic Ghost Rider) unveils a new prestige comics series sensation, perfect for fans of INVINCIBLE and MURDER FALCON.

Joe, a mysterious new face in Infinity City, has suddenly become the hottest new player at the Round House Arcade. Anyone can challenge him, but no one can win.

But Joe's secret past is about to catch up to him when his most formidable challenge yet rolls into town, forcing Joe to combo his powers with a joystick, his fists...and his fighting family legacy!


Why this caught my eye:

Everything from the concept, the tone, and Burnett's art just screams fun.



(W) Benjamin W. Morse (A) Benjamin W. Morse

It's 1938, and time to meet our hero-Captain Lancet. He's a Golden Age All-American crime buster who's about to accidentally create the world's greatest villain. He'll need to adjust to a strange new world-one that resembles Fritz Lang's Metropolis with some cyberpunk dystopia sprinkled in-if he wants to overthrow the totalitarian vampire cult that now dominates the world!


Why this caught my eye:

I don't think I've hear of cyberpulp as a subgenre so that sounds interesting, plus 'totalitarian vampire cult' just sounds like fun.



(W) Saladin Ahmed (A/CA) Megan Levens, Kelly Fitzpatrick


The constellations of the zodiac fall to earth, granting twelve ordinary people from very different walks of life the superhuman powers of the Starsigns. But each of them is about to learn that power always comes with a price...

Eisner-winning writer SALADIN AHMED (Miles Morales) and sci-fi star artist MEGAN LEVENS (Star Trek) launch an exciting new series about astrology, superpowers, and diverse found family, in the tradition of X-Men and Heroes.


Why this caught my eye:

Definitely getting Heroes/4400/Sense8 vibes so curious to see how they play with that.



(W) Alexander Banks-Jongman (A/CA) Robert Ahmad

Hank Kelly cannot die. With this revelation, he is catapulted into a world of fame and fortune that he hopes will repair his broken family. But detective Rosalind Lovejoy works to unravel the dark mystery truly behind Hank's immortality.


Why this caught my eye:

Apparently this was previously titled Cut-Man, which is a bit more memorable than the final title but hey, the art looks solid and the premise sounds like an interesting set-up.



(W) Mark Millar (A/CA) Frank Quitely

The most ambitious comic book of all time is finally here! Imagine you could gift superpowers to six people. In a world of eight billion, who do you choose? Join six of the greatest artists in the industry for an enormous story about ordinary people from around the world explaining why it should be them.

This first story features artwork by superstar FRANK QUITELY.


Why this caught my eye:

I'm always hesitant with Millar, but hey at least the art looks great.



(W) Matteo Rivosecchi (A) Niccolo Lelapi (CA) Ludovica Ceregatti

Gab, Luna, Adham, and Ama are a group of friends who call themselves the "Omega Gang," as a way of expressing the hopelessness of their lives and their generation. It's the beginning of summer, and quite unexpectedly, they discover a set of mysterious eggs that shake them from their usual Gen Z depression. This is a big deal! And they'll have to figure out what to do with them soon-but are they gonna be ready for what is about to emerge from those shells?


Why this caught my eye:

Saw another blurb online for this calling it 'X-Men meets Pokemon', and oddly enough that sells me.



(W) Szymon Kudranski (A/CA) Szymon Kudranski



Outside our perception, creative thought takes physical form, with only a handful of individuals known as Epics able to interact with this wondrous hidden world. But for fourteen-year-old Danny Dillon, accepting these responsibilities himself won't be easy-or safe. Lose yourself in a world of endless fantasy and creativity, where superheroes, monsters, magical creatures, and cartoon characters live and breathe alongside us. Fan-favorite SPAWN and Punisher artist SZYMON KUDRA?SKI introduces a world where the only limitation is your imagination. Featuring 32 full pages of story and art for just $3.99!


Why this caught my eye:

Article with preview pages here.


That's it for this batch, we'll hit up some LGBTQ material on the next round!

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