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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Humor/Satire

Whale excrement, indy ghosts, internet memes, art-world satires, and metaphysical skeletons round up this batch of humor titles to check out.

You'll see that I'll try to include a little order code with most items (ex:FEB211476). Show some love to your retailer and use those codes when you can, it saves a lot of time on the data entry end of things.



(W) Joe Queenan (A) Keith Bendis

Yesterday, Mel McDonnell had been one of the most influential and respected members of the United States Senate. Today, he found himself reincarnated as a moist heap of whale excrement, languishing on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. Thus begins Joe Queenan's satirical fable of reincarnation, political ambition, man's folly, and the capricious nature of the universe - lusciously illustrated with his signature wry wit by award-winning cartoonist Keith Bendis.


Why this caught my eye:

If the past few years haven't made you instantly find stories about politicians becoming whale poop highly engaging, I don't know what will.



(W) Enzo Garza (A/CA) Enzo Garza

Welcome to the world of Gutt Ghost, a seemingly mundane existence inhabited by the odd and absurd. Guttenberg Ghest, AKA Gutt Ghost, is an everyday individual traversing the same highs and lows that we all experience in life. From doomsday cults and forgetting to bring your coupons to the grocery store to discovering you can asexually reproduce and coming to terms with the fact that you don't identify as a ghost, it's just another lackluster day in the life of Gutt Ghost. Collects all the Gutt Ghost stories released by Scout Comics thus far. Also included in this edition...bonus materials and a new Gutt Ghost comic introduction!


Why this caught my eye:

The single issues of Gutt Ghost are kinda too quick of reads for me, so I'm glad they're getting this collection out. It's an odd series, and I find Garza's art to be really engaging in its gross detail.



(W) Nathan Pyle (A) Nathan Pyle

Join Strange Planet's lovable parent and child aliens as they embark on a quest to understand the vibrating creature (that's a cat to us humans) that is stalking around their house. As the aliens closely observe the creature, they discover all their differences and what they have in common. This paper-over-board picture book has all the literal-minded charm of Nathan's previous books, and is written with parents and kids in mind. It's perfect for playtime, bedtime, or anytime!


Why this caught my eye:

I'm not sure if this is just reprints from Pyle's online releases or a whole new collection of material, but either way it's good stuff.



(W) Steven Christie (A/CA) Steven Christie

The Turtlenecks are a heist-based performance art collective who specialize in stealing conceptual artworks. Not just the art objects, but the concepts that surround and protect them too. It's an art-world satire propelled by an action-packed heist performance piece.


Why this caught my eye:

I just like that concept pitch a lot.



(W) Paul Kirchner (A/CA) Paul Kirchner

Dope Rider is back in town! After a 30-year hiatus, Paul Kirchner restarted the adventures of his iconic, bony stoner hero who first appeared in 1975 in the psychedelic counter-culture magazine High Times. Dope Rider has stayed essentially the same, still smoking bongs, getting high and chasing metaphysical dragons through whimsical realities in meticulously illustrated and colorful one-page adventures. APR211689

Why this caught my eye:

I'm a fan of Kirchner so it's just really cool to have this newer material made available. Check some samples out here, but what's not to love about a metaphysical cowboy skeleton going on psychedelic adventures?


That's it for this batch, we'll check out some art books on the next round!

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