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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Humor

This batch features violent baristas, zine comedy, sci-fi deadbeats, magical reprints, and the return of Rich Hedden's Roachmill.



(W) Pat Shand (A) Renzo Rodriguez (CA) Conor Hughes, Fin Cramb


Trinity used to live a life of crime, but now she has left behind her old life and works at a coffee shop. Unfortunately, making ends meet isn't easy to do with a minimum wage job. Not to mention the fact that customers are beginning to get on Trinity's nerves, and it's getting harder and harder to not let her old tendencies take control. When Trinity's past comes calling, it's like the famous quote: "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!"

Includes three bonus comics and cover by rising star Conor Hughes (WHITE ASH)! Collects issues 1-3.


Why this caught my eye:

Been a while since I picked up a BlackMask book, plus previews looked pretty fun.



(W) Andrew Pena (A) Andrew Pena

Peña Comix showcases what it means to be a human, a romantic, a screw-up, an outsider, and at times a literal alien. Shared through zine fests and the internet, Andrew Peña's comics let us laugh together in an often isolating world. Collects comics from 2015-2022, now in full color.


Why this caught my eye:

Obligatory 'I'm late spotlighting this' as well as obligatory 'Support Silver Sprocket', two birds one stone. Previews look fun, and you can order directly from publisher.



(W) David Goodman (A/CA) Alvaro Sarraseca

After five long years of soul-crushing servitude as a chef's assistant, Danny Sheridan is getting his dream job in space as First Officer aboard the SS George H.W. Bush. But on his first day he finds himself crashing back to reality. Nothing seems right, the crew is subpar . . . something's going on, and First Officer Danny Sheridan is going to get to the bottom of it or die trying.


Why this caught my eye:

I have an eternal soft spot for space comedy, especially when it features schlubs and idiots.



(W) Unknown (A/CA) Trini Tinture

Popular, rich and great at school, Carrie lives a charmed life - because, unbeknownst to her classmates, she's a witch! Hailing from a long line of witches and warlocks Carrie has never wanted for anything - that is until her bumbling, nonmagical and anti-magic cousin Angela shows up! And worst of all-if Carrie can't turn Angela into a legendary sorceress she'll lose all her powers! Worlds collide and sparks fly as these cousins have to learn to live together - or else! This comedy classic from British"girls" comic Jinty features a brand new cover by the original artist, Trini Tinturé, as well as another tale, the spooky, insect-infested Creepy Crawley, in a volume perfect for Halloween!


Why this caught my eye:

I appreciate 2000AD/Rebellion getting these obscure reprints out there, and spotlighting talent like Tinturé.



(W) Rich Hedden, Tom McWeeney (A) Rich Hedden (A/CA) Tom McWeeney

IT'S ALIVE! presents the return of this fondly regarded series from the 1980s by Rich Hedden & Tom McWeeney about a mutated exterminator in 30th century New York. Need an exterminator to handle those rats? Pesky roaches ruining your sleep? Maybe Grandma's getting on your nerves? Call Roachmill Pest Control and we'll get the job done! The year is 2998 and the pest control industry has changed. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have a brand new standard cover by Tom McWeeney, and seven variants by Rich Hedden, Tom McWeeney, Richard Pace, Nicolas Giacondino, Jay Fosgitt, Dan Christensen, and PopCultIcons.


Why this caught my eye:

Old Roachmill is something I've enjoyed and do recommend, but I'm actually more here for Tom McWeeney. I have fond memories of short little backups he did for Gen13 (and an Xmas special as well) plus some other bits and pieces he did in the past. He's also just a great artist, who can do some straight up awesome superhero stuff like this, and silly fun stiff like this.


That's it for this batch, we'll hit up some art books on the next round!

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