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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Humor

This batch features monsters competing against real world horrors, IDW's reprinting of Bloom County, the print version of J.L. Westover's Mr. Lovenstein, Keenspot's horribly cute Chopping Block, and the definitive newly colored anthology of Tank Girl reprints.



(W) Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan, Scott Koblish (A) Scott Koblish, Hi-Fi Colour Design (CA) Hi-Fi Colors

It's a scary time in America, and we're not talking about the razors in the candy. When you might get murdered in a mass shooting, the clowns, monsters and other things that go bump in the night have a harder time doing their job. It's a hilarious bummer at this year's monster mash. Scotch McTiernan and Weed Thing return, and we introduce some new favorites.


Why this caught my eye:

The preview won me over, but I get the feeling this may end up being more depressing than funny.



(W) Berkeley Breathed (A) Berkeley Breathed

Running from December 8th, 1980, to August 6th, 1989, Bloom County was published in an astounding 1,200 newspapers on a daily basis. Bloom County Library: Book One is the first of five editions collecting the Pulitzer Prize- and Eisner Award-winning comic strip in its entirety. The first book introduces the beloved Opus the Penguin, as well as Bill the Cat, Cutter John, Michael Binkley, Milo Bloom, Steve Dallas, and others. This volume also contains insightful commentary by Berkeley Breathed on his quirky creations. Every strip, from the very first until the last, are presented here in chronologically. You'll never have a better chance to revisit these old friends-or to discover them for the first time.


Why this caught my eye:

IDW does good work with their big reprints, and $35 is a pretty solid price for 288 pages.



(W) J.L. Westover (A/CA) J.L. Westover

For fans of Strange Planet, Adulthood Is A Myth: A "Sarah Scribbles" Collection, and Dinosaur Therapy!

In his (incredibly sweaty) new book, webcomics superstar J. L. WESTOVER offers up painfully hilarious observations and cringeworthy situations, uniting us all through one of life's most relatable experiences-failure.

All your favorite MR. LOVENSTEIN comics are right here, including brand-new book-exclusive comics that can't be found online!


Why this caught my eye:

Check out some samples if you're unfamiliar, but it seems slightly impossible that you may have never stumbled across a meme by this guy. Also, $15 for 232 pages is another solid deal.



(W) Lee Adam Herold, Ryan Hohne (A/CA) Lee Adam Herold

The dilapidated mansion on the hill overlooking the happy little town of Harmony sparks the curiosity of the local goth kids, the suspicion of the town sheriff, and the hunger of entities dark and demonic. But the hockey mask-wearing loner who lives there just wants to be left alone to collect spleens, chainsaw sorority girls, and make Mother proud. Is that too much to ask?

Chopping Block is an all-new scarily funny horror series about a neurotic serial killer that's a cross between Johnny The Homicidal Maniac and The Addams Family!


Why this caught my eye:

Check out the online comic, it's pretty cute.



(W) Alan Martin (A/CA) Jamie Hewlett

The definitive anthology of Tank Girl, collecting the classic, newly colored stories from original creators Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett! Includes 3 Exclusive Art Cards!

All three volumes of the cult-classic Tank Girl comics (1988-1995) from legendary creators Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett (Gorillaz). Dive into the twisted and chaotic world of Tank Girl, Jet Girl, Sub Girl and Booga, and experience the original stories that captured the hearts of readers everywhere, then shot them to oblivion (by accident of course)! With all new coloring, this is the complete Tank Girl collection you won't want to miss.


Why this caught my eye:

$50 is a pretty solid price for this package and a nice slipcase to boot.


That's it for this batch, we'll hit up some art books on the next round!

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