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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Humor

This batch features a brand-new Mickey Mouse adventure set in his 1930s golden age, an anthropomorphic medieval world from Lewis Trondheim, the spicy superheroics of the Santos Sisters, a lost chapter from our nation's sad and failed war on drugs, a tale from the creator of Bloodlust & Bonnets, and the long-awaited collection of James the Stanton's beloved Gnartoons comics.



Award-winning French cartoonist/Disney animator Régis Loisel presents an amazing brand-new Mickey adventure - set in Mickey's classic 1930s golden age!

Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck, Horace Horsecollar, and Clarabelle Cow go camping to forget the Great Depression. But when they return to Mouseton, they find shady real-estate developer Rock Fuller destroying it to build a golf course... with the help of an army of "zombies," transformed from normal citizens with a magic drink! What does Mickey's old enemy Pegleg Pete have to do with this evil scheme... and can Mickey trip it up?

Famed French cartoonist Régis Loisel won the Angoulême International Comics Festival's Grand Prize in 2006 and has been nominated in other years for numerous projects. Loisel has also worked as a Disney animator and was thrilled to produce this stellar tribute! Zombie Coffee is told in the daily-comic-strip-serial style of Disney legend Floyd Gottfredson's beloved early Mickey adventures - packed with action, laughs, and magnificent details that explode off the pages!

This deluxe edition is a landscape-formatted hardcover that comes in a portrait-formatted slipcase - and so the buyer can shelve it vertically but read it in its full cinemascope-style glory! JAN221422

Why this caught my eye:

Ya had me at 'go camping to forget the Great Depression'.



(W) Lewis Trondheim (A) Lewis Trondheim

From the award-winning mind of cartoonist Lewis Trondheim comes the expansive and rich anthropomorphic medieval world of Ralph Azham. After failing the test of the Chosen One as a young duck, Ralph had a tough time growing up as the village pariah, often getting into trouble due to an innate extra sense that's rather unbelievable, embarrassing, and unfortunate. That was only compounded by the constant visit of spirits that only he, Ralph, could see. Cut to today, his village is threatened by a vicious Horde, an apocalyptic flood may take the life of Ralph's only supporter, his father, and the Wise Men's Counsel are out for Ralph's hide after rumors he had seduced one of their daughters. Ultimately Ralph must leave the village and unlock the secrets of his childhood as he journeys to the Kingdom of Astolia, but not before he takes a young ward, Raoul, who bears an uncanny similarity to Ralph. It's a sprawling story of fathers and their sons, magic, mysticism, with plenty of action, adventure, and signature Trondheim madcap humor.


Why this caught my eye:

It's been a while since I've read some Trondheim shenanigans and this just sounds like a fun package.



One day while combing the beach, the Santos Sisters discovered a pair of beautiful medallions. What happened next changed their lives, forever. Follow Ambar and Alana, the Santos Sisters, as they balance spicy superheroics with the drama of their everyday lives in this GIANT SIZED extravaganza offset printed on decadent newsprint.


Why this caught my eye:

Caught this review a little ways back and the preview pages looked pretty great.



(W) Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn (A/CA) Scott Koblish

BRIAN POSEHN, GERRY DUGGAN & SCOTT KOBLISH reform Voltron (metaphorically only) from their days on Deadpool (also not appearing) to tell a true story and lost chapter from our nation's sad and failed war on drugs.

The year is 1985. The First Lady decides to crush Northern California cannabis farmers and deploys the biggest tool in the armed forces: Scotch McTiernan (collectible first of many hilarious appearances). "If it weeds...we can kill it." Scotch puts his boots on the ground in Humboldt and does what he does best-but what happens when he gets high for the first time?

This one-shot has it all: laughs, tears, heart, action-plus, an activity page! A portion of the proceeds from this comic will be donated to organizations dedicated to helping casualties of America's immoral drug war.


Why this caught my eye:

Sounds like this is just dumb fun with this creative team, and I enjoy Koblish's art a lot.



(W) Emily McGovern (A/CA) Emily McGovern

While Katie bounces from job to job and obsesses about falling behind in life, Nas has bigger things in mind-waiting endlessly for their visa to come through, while working on a seismic art project that will revolutionize politics and society as we know it. Their friend Emma, meanwhile, seems to have it all figured out-job, mortgage, engagement-yet the long hours working for tech giant Arko and endless wedding admin prove equally dread-inducing.

But when Katie's latest job finds her tutoring the daughter of Arko's formidable CEO, Michelle, and Emma welcomes the eccentric and enigmatic Alicia to her team at Arko, none of the three women are aware that their lives-and possibly the future of society itself-are about to change forever.

From the creator of Bloodlust & Bonnets and the popular webcomic My Life as a Background Slytherin Emily McGovern, comes this hilarious tale Twelve Percent Dread!


Why this caught my eye:

I greatly enjoy McGovern's strips, do yourself a favor and check out some Background Slytherin action if you get the chance.



(W) Asia Alfasi, Catherine Anyango Grunewald, Woodrow Phoenix (A) Sonia Leong, Woodrow Phoenix

The long-awaited collection of James the Stanton's beloved Gnartoons comics is here! Drink a 40 with a skateboarding dog and eat a pizza brunch with radical dinosaurs! Stanton's trademark trippy humor wriggles and shines its way through each lushly illustrated comic vignette, now lovingly presented in a deluxe hardcover.


Why this caught my eye:

Stanton's stuff is pretty great and I love me some Silver Sprocket comics so glad to see this coming out.


That's it for this batch, we'll hit up some art books on the next round!

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