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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Fantasy

I was extremely happy to notice that a bulk of fantasy offerings in the past couple catalogs featured a ton of strong female leads with a variety of different representation. That's a great sign overall, so hopefully we can keep the momentum on that going and branch out into more genres as well!

You'll see that I'll try to include a little order code with most items (ex:JUL200019). Show some love to your retailer and use those codes when you can, it saves a lot of time on the data entry end of things.



(W) Guillem March, Dan Christensen (A/CA) Guillem March

Spanish writer and artist GUILLEM MARCH is best known for his ongoing, extensive work with DC Comics on Batman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn and has worked as an artist on several graphic novels including the English editions of Monika with Titan Comics and The Dream with Europe Comics. Here, he takes up his pen for an edgy new FIVE-PART SERIES about a highly unconventional angel named Karmen and the young woman she takes under her wing when a case of heartbreak strikes hard. Packed with surprises and metaphysics, this gorgeously drawn series deploys tenderness and humor as it dives deep into topics that matter.


Why this caught my eye:

I've never read anything that March has written so I'm partially curious to see his writing chops, but I also just like the premise of a metaphysical rom-com mash up.



(W) Darcy Van Poelgeest (A) CoupleofKooks (CA) Helen Mask

Leylas Kryn, the Bright Queen of the Kryn Dynasty, has spent multiple lives in pursuit of assembling the Luxon. With her eternal lover Quana at her side, she will stop at nothing to use its otherworldly power to bring a Golden Age to the peoples under her rule. So when what might be the final piece of the Luxon appears nearby, Leylas sends Quana to collect it . . . with consequences that may threaten the entire Dynasty!

Critical Role Game Master Matthew Mercer joins Eisner Award-winning writer Darcy van Poelgeest (Little Bird)!


Why this caught my eye:

It's mostly a reflex to highlight Critical Role stuff as I know many of you are fans, but I also really enjoyed Darcy Van Poelgeest's storytelling in the Little Bird series so I wanna see them get more work.



(W) Maria Llovet (A/CA) Maria Llovet

* For fans of Faithless and Die comes a new dark thriller from acclaimed writer & artist Maria Llovet about a young woman named Teresa, who's plagued by prophetic dreams that connect her to something powerful, something...divine.

* When Teresa fatefully crosses paths with the Family of the Sun, she believes them to be exactly what anyone else in the late '60s would expect - a hippie cult whose leader claims to have met the divine.

* But secret blood rituals, powerful drugs and sex runneth amok will bring Teresa face-to-face with the truth about the Family, herself and the dark secret behind her dreams.

* Immortality, magic and alchemy, and the true power of enduring love collide in this new series for Mature Readers.


Why this caught my eye:

I meant to check out Faithless as I really like Llovet's art, but I'm not a huge fan of Brian Azzarello and I'm constantly behind so I put it off. The concept sounds interesting for this project, but if you want to sample other works by her you might want to hunt down her Loud book from Black Mask.



(W) Pat Shand (A) Manuel Preitano (CA) Elisa Romboli

Logan grew up in a boarding school for children with magical prophecies, but she fulfilled her destiny so young that she's now having a midlife crisis despite being in her 20s. When she falls for the estranged daughter of a mystical crime family, Logan's new love puts the entire school in jeopardy.

A grounded story about the magic of young adulthood, star-crossed modern romance, delayed coming of age, and finding your place in a world too busy to notice you.

From writer Pat Shand (Snap Flash Hustle) and artist Manuel Preitano (DC Comics' The Oracle Code) with an incredible limited-edition cover by Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise), this exuberantly youthful and achingly heartfelt ongoing series feels like Strangers in Paradise set in a magical NYC, featuring characters that will stick with you long after finishing this double-sized first issue.


Why this caught my eye:

What's really drawing my attention is that Manuel Prietano is on art duties, and he really caught my eye in my review of Oracle Code. I think he's going to be a rising star with each new gig, so keep an eye on him.



(W) Hiromi Goto (A) Ann Xu

When Kumiko's well-meaning adult daughters place her in an assisted living home the seventy-six-year-old widow gives it a try, but it's not where she wants to be. She goes on the lam and finds a cozy bachelor apartment, keeping the location secret even while communicating online with her eldest daughter. Kumiko revels in the small, daily pleasures. But something has followed her from her former residence - Death's shadow. Kumiko's sweet life is shattered when Death's shadow swoops in to collect her. With her quick mind and sense of humour, Kumiko, with the help of friends new and old, is prepared for the fight of her life. But how long can an old woman thwart fate?


Why this caught my eye:

I absolutely love the concept pitch, and in general I always give :01 FIRST SECOND books a shot anyway as they have a consistently high level of quality.


That's it for this batch, we'll hit some more all-ages and YA next time!

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