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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Drama

This batch features a kid dreaming of becoming a kingpin, romance with parasites, the most critically acclaimed comic of Japanese counterculture, the first time English translations of the works of Katrin De Vries and Anne Feuchtenberger, and an e-sports drama.



(W) Bartosz Sztybor (A/CA) Akeussel

Rahim is a suburban kid like any other, a "good kid." Chilling with his boys, hearing the legends of "Immortal Al," the greatest gangster who ever lived, it's hard not to get stars in his eyes. Rahim starts dreaming of becoming a kingpin, idolizing his local gangsters in the hopes of climbing their ranks. But his friends laugh: they say he's all talk, no action. Until one day, he sees an opportunity to prove himself.


Why this caught my eye:

Black Panel Press has been popping up more on my radar, and the preview art looks interesting.



(W) Matthew Erman (A/CA) Emily Pearson

WEAR YOUR LOVE ON YOUR CHEST A man, a woman-and their parasites. Marcus has been alone since the loss of his closest friend and has just recently entered into the dating scene, while Laura has drifted in and out of relationships since high school. They meet, they have a great first date, and Marcus almost dies-because the slug-like parasite that everybody carries in this world nearly rejects him, its host. Bonding is a funny, quirky, and honest look at love, in a world where everyone wears their anxiety, not on their sleeves, but on their chest like big ol' leeches.


Why this caught my eye:

Maybe this belongs in sci-fi, but it feels more romance/drama. This one popped up on my radar a bit ago due to this Comics Beat interview.



(W) Yoshiharu Tsuge (A/CA) Yoshiharu Tsuge

Nejishiki unveils the most iconic scenes from Yoshiharu Tsuge's highly respected body of work alongside his most beloved stories. A cornerstone of Japan's legendary 1960s counterculture that galvanized avant-garde manga and comics criticism, the title story follows an injured young man as he wanders through a village of strangers in search of emotional and physical release. Throughout Nejishiki, Tsuge's stories push boundaries, abruptly crossing the threshold of conventional storytelling.


Why this caught my eye:

The D&Q website promotes it as "The most critically acclaimed comic of Japanese counterculture". It sounds adequately depressing, so should be a good time.



(W) Katrin De Vries, Mark David Nevins (A) Anne Feuchtenberger

Soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the West German-born Katrin de Vries read a magazine featuring the drawings of the East German-born Anke Feuchtenberger. De Vries wrote to ask Feuchtenberger if she might want to collaborate, and together, they've produced some of the most striking German comics of the last thirty years, most notably W the Whore.

Collected here in English for the first time, W the Whore presents the shared vision of de Vries and Feuchtenberger at its most ambitious. The titular heroine W the Whore, drawn in a shifting guise by Feuchtenberger, navigates the tedious rituals of womanhood, the unsettling mysteries of male desire, and the strangeness of motherhood, all while moving through a familiar but hostile everyday landscape of houses, factories, rail yards, and other ominous structures.


Why this caught my eye:

Just sounds like a fascinating package, you can check out some of Feuchtenberger's art here.



(W) Xiao Tong Kong (A) Xiao Tong Kong

High school student Vicky lives a secret life. To most, she is a meek pushover, often in the shadow of her e-sports superstar of a brother, Virgil. Unknown to anyone, however, she dons a secret identity when she logs on to play Xenith Orion, the multiplayer game dominating the e-sports scene. She knows firsthand the harassment female gamers often experience, but when an opportunity arises in a local tournament, Vicky-mask in hand-cannot resist the challenge. Sneaking around and hiding only works for so long, and once the truth comes out, what will it mean for Vicky and those who trusted her?


Why this caught my eye:

I'm late again and this should be available now, but Xiao Tong Kong's art is pretty phenomenal so I wanted to spotlight. You can check out the webcomic here.


That's it for this batch, we'll hit up some manga on the next round!

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