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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Drama

This batch features some coming of age, tales from the Dust Bowl of 1930s America, an exploration of the nature of grief, a world where luck has a physical form, and a secret cooking club to handle the stresses of life.



(W) Andi Watson (A/CA) Simon Gane

Rachel is a teenager who lives a gray suburban life in gray suburban England. It's a world of brown sauce, warm beer, and scrambled eggs every Tuesday. With her summer already mapped out for her-a job working at the butcher and a caravan holiday in Clacton-it seems like this year will only bring more of the same. So when family friends invite her to spend the summer with them in Greece, she jumps at the chance to escape her life and finally be treated like an adult.

The Warners are everything her parents are not-glamorous, sophisticated, and carefree-and when Rachel meets Benjamin, a handsome young friend of the Warners, her summer seems to be taking a turn for the better. But there's no escaping the pains of growing up, and she'll soon learn that life on a small island where everyone knows each other's business may not be all it's cracked up to be.

Drawn by SIMON GANE, the artist behind Eisner-nominated Ghost Tree and THEY'RE NOT LIKE US, and written by ANDI WATSON, author of The Book Tour, Kerry and the Knight of the Forest, and the forthcoming Punycorn.


Why this caught my eye:

I just enjoy this creative team a lot so I like to hype them whenever possible.



(W) Aimee De Jongh (A) Aimee De Jongh

A moving and unforgettable tale, inspired by real-life stories of courage and perseverance during the Dust Bowl of 1930s America.

United States, 1937. In the middle of the Great Depression, 22-year-old photographer John Clark is brought in by the Farm Security Administration to document the calamitous conditions of the Dust Bowl in the central and southern states, in order to bring the farmers' plight to the public eye. When he starts working through his shooting script, however, he finds his subjects to be unreceptive. What good are a couple of photos against relentless and deadly dust storms? The more he shoots, the more John discovers the awful extent of their struggles, and comes to question his own role and responsibilities in this tragedy sweeping through the center of the country.


Why this caught my eye:

This is already out but I wanted to spotlight it as I really enjoyed Aimee De Jongh's book Taxi! and really like her style. Also SelfMadeHero just puts out good books, and I like the topic of the Dust Bowl era.



(W) Adam De Souza (A/CA) Adam De Souza

An evocative and contemplative collection of short comics, ish explores the complicated nature of grief through a series of loosely connected vignettes. Each glimpse brings another layer to the nuances of healing-from the deep muck of despair to unexpected joys-all told with care and thoughtfulness that shows through the page. FEB221689

Why this caught my eye:

Another one I'm late (but not too late) on, but I really like Silver Sprocket projects and really like De Souza's work.



(W) Peter Hoey (A/CA) Maria Hoey

Imagine a world where Luck, the most ephemeral of ideas, has a physical form. Precious stones of luck, mined like gold, are worn as bringers of fortune. But luck breaks both ways. While the blue gems may grant advantage to those who wear them, their blessing is fickle and unpredictable. In the blink of an eye, good luck can turn to bad. We follow the life of a man who comes into possession of some powerful stones - but the success enjoyed by the father goes awry when he tries to pass this luck onto his son. In alternating scenes between the two generations, The Bend of Luck follows felicity's course, like an arrow, through a family's destiny.


Why this caught my eye:

This might belong more under fantasy but it sounds like it has potential to hit some good family drama.



(W) Jackie Morrow (A/CA) Jackie Morrow

Nora, Lili, and Iris are seniors at Seaside High. Their differing schedules and mounting extracurriculars inspire the girls to form a secret club where they can hang without sacrificing their future aspirations. Enter Supper Club, the delicious solution to their problems. When life starts to crumble like a cookie under the girls' feet, they rely on comfort food to hold it together. Can Supper Club endure life's most challenging recipes without burning to a crisp?


Why this caught my eye:

I mean it's a food-centric drama so I'm already sold, but the preview pages and art look fun.


That's it for this batch, we'll hit up some manga on the next round!

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