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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: DC

This batch of DC centric books features dino superheroes, a return to the Flashpoint universe, Solaris the Tyrant Sun (one of my favorite villains), great Phantom Stranger reprints, and some cosmic horror via Aquaman.





$3.99 US | 32 pages | 1 of 6 | Variant $4.99 US (card stock)

ON SALE 5/10/22

You know the story: an infant escapes the destruction of its home planet and is deposited on Earth to be raised by human parents. A goddess from a lost city defends truth. A Tyrannosaurus rex dons the visage of a bat to strike fear into evildoers' hearts. This heroic trinity, alongside a league of other super-powered dinosaurs, join forces to save a prehistoric Earth from the sinister machinations of Darkseid.


Okay, maybe you don't know the story. So join us and bear witness to a brand-new—yet older than time—adventure and experience the Justice League as you have never seen them before!

Why this caught my eye:

I love every bit of this and I am so happy the New 52 era is dead so that we can have fun again. I also love Daniel Warren Johnson more and more with each new project.



Written by GEOFF JOHNS


$5.99 US | 48 pages

ON SALE 4/5/22

The world of Flashpoint returns! After sacrificing everything to help the Flash put the universe back together and save Bruce Wayne's life, Thomas Wayne wakes up in a world he thought was no more. Forced to don the cowl once again, Batman prowls the streets of Gotham searching for answers to how this world still exists, but what he starts to uncover will send him hurtling around the globe. The hunt for the Clockwork Killer starts here!

Legendary writer Geoff Johns comes back to the alternate world he created, partnering with prolific artist Eduardo Risso as he returns to the Flashpoint Batman!




$4.99 US | 32 pages | 1 of 6 | Variant $5.99 US

ON SALE 4/19/22

Batman's hunt for the Clockwork Killer brings him to Europe and face to face with the mad king, Aquaman. On the eve of Aquaman's sinking of London, Batman infiltrates his stronghold and goes on the warpath for answers. Nothing matters to Batman, whose world is already dead, but if he can track down the Clockwork Killer, Thomas can save his son's world and put everything back together again.

Why this caught my eye:

I feel a tiny bit like a hypocrite as I'm so far behind in DC events it's not funny, but DC letting Johns return to Flashpoint is worth highlighting especially as he's also going to be playing with Doomsday Clock elements. Now does that mean any of it will be good? Here's to hoping.



Written by GRANT MORRISON and others

Art by VAL SEMEIKS and others

$99.99 US | 1,080 pages | 7 1/4" x 10 7/8" | Hardcover

ON SALE 5/3/22

Get ready to go to the 853rd Century!

In the 853rd century, Earth remains safe, thanks to the heroics of the JLA of the future. The ancestors of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and others remain united in combating forces of evil, but perhaps have never met anything as deadly as the sentient super-computer Solaris, the Tyrant Sun.

As this villainous threat becomes too much to handle, these heroes of the future turn to the only group they know can help: the original JLA.

The entire DC ONE MILLION series is reprinted here, along with every crossover issue and tie-in. This massive Omnibus edition is a must-have for any collector. Includes the following issues: DC ONE MILLION #1-4, and tales from the following: ACTION COMICS 1,000,000, ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN 1,000,000, AQUAMAN 1,000,000, AZRAEL 1,000,000, BATMAN 1,000,000, BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT 1,000,000, CATWOMAN 1,000,000, CHASE 1,000,000, CHRONOS 1,000,000, CREEPER 1,000,000, DETECTIVE COMICS 1,000,000, FLASH 1,000,000, GREEN ARROW 1,000,000, GREEN LANTERN 1,000,000, HITMAN 1,000,000, IMPULSE 1,000,000, JLA 1,000,000, LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES 1,000,000, LEGIONNAIRES 1,000,000, LOBO 1,000,000, MARTIAN MANHUNTER 1,000,000, NIGHTWING 1,000,000, POWER OF SHAZAM 1,000,000, RESURRECTION MAN 1,000,000, ROBIN 1,000,000, STARMAN 1,000,000, SUPERBOY 1,000,000, SUPERGIRL 1,000,000, SUPERMAN 1,000,000, SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF STEEL 1,000,000, SUPERMAN: THE MAN OF TOMORROW 1,000,000, WONDER WOMAN 1,000,000, YOUNG JUSTICE 1,000,000, JLA IN CRISIS SECRET FILES, DC ONE MILLION 80-PAGE GIANT #1, BOOSTER GOLD 1,000,000, and SUPERMAN/BATMAN #79-80!

Why this caught my eye:

While it has been a while since I've reread these, I have a ton of fond memories of this event as Morrison just went insane with fun ideas. This is also an incredibly dense read for $99 so you are getting some solid value in the package. Plus the main villains are Vandal Savage striking throughout different points in time and Solaris, the Tyrant Sun? What's not to love?



Written by VARIOUS


Cover by JIM APARO

Hardcover | $150.00

Nov 01, 2022 | 1200 Pages | 7-1/16 x 10-7/8

The greatest adventures of DC’s supernatural crime-fighter are collected in a massive, era-spanning hardcover!

First introduced in 1952, the Phantom Stranger stands decades later as one of DC’s most enigmatic characters, a supernatural hero whose origins have remained shrouded in mystery!

This omnibus collects the Phantom Stranger’s earliest adventures in the 1950s, his late-1960s revival, and early 1980s stories in the pages of The Saga of the Swamp Thing. Through it all, the Phantom Stranger has remained one of DC’s most unique characters, navigating the weird, scary side of the DC Universe!

Collects The Phantom Stranger #1-6 (1952), The Phantom Stranger #1-41 (1969), stories from The Saga of the Swamp Thing #1-13, Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #18, The Brave and the Bold #89, #98, #145, Showcase #80, Justice League of America #103, House of Secrets #150, DC Super-Stars #18, Secret Origins #10 and DC Comics Presents #25, and #72.

Why this caught my eye:

That's a nice chunky heaping of some fun stories, plus plenty of Jim Aparo to boot.



Written by RAM V

Art and cover by CHRISTIAN WARD

$6.99 US | 48 pages | 1 of 3 | Prestige Plus

8 1/2" x 10 7/8" (All covers are card stock)

ON SALE 6/7/22


Deep in the Pacific Ocean, at the farthest possible distance from any land, sits Point Nemo: the spaceship graveyard. Since the dawn of the space race, the nations of the world have sent their crafts there on splashdown, to sink beneath the silent seas. But there is something…else at Point Nemo. A structure never made by human hands. And that structure seems to be…waking up. The crew of the experimental submarine Andromeda, powered by a mysterious black-hole drive, have been chosen to investigate this mystery. But they aren't the only ones pursuing it. Anything of value beneath the ocean is of value to the master pirate Black Manta…and anything that attracts Black Manta attracts Arthur Curry, his lifelong foe, the Aquaman! But heaven help them all when the doors of the mystery at Point Nemo swing wide to admit them…

Bringing a bracing cosmic-horror sensibility to the world of Aquaman, rising superstars Ram V (Venom, The Swamp Thing) and Christian Ward (Thor, Invisible Kingdom) team up to put Arthur Curry through an exercise in psychological terror that could break the will of even a king!

Why this caught my eye:

That's a pretty fantastic creative team and I've always loved the idea of infusing some cosmic horror into Aquaman. It's been like 12 years since the last time someone bothered and it was fun for a quickie story, so looking forward to what Ram V has in mind.


That's it for this batch, we'll hit up some indy superheroes on the next round!

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