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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Comedy/Humor

Tipsy mermaids and rare Wolverton reprints highlight this batch of humor comics!

You'll see that I'll try to include a little order code with most items (ex:JUL200019). Show some love to your retailer and use those codes when you can, it saves a lot of time on the data entry end of things.



(W) Kat Leyh (A) Kat Leyh

Fresh out of shipwreck wine, three tipsy mermaids decide to magically masquerade as humans and sneak onto land to indulge in much more drinking and a whole lot of fun in the heart of a local seaside tourist trap. But the good times abruptly end the next morning as, through the haze of killer hangovers, the trio realizes they never actually learned how to break the spell, and are now stuck on land for the foreseeable future! Now they crash with the bartender as they struggle to make sense of the world, and make the most of their current situation!


Why this caught my eye:

So this is actually out now and I'm just late in featuring it, but I love Kat Leyh so much and I wanted to make sure and put some focus on this release. Leyh's Snapdragon was one of my favorite books to come out last year and she brings me so much joy, so make sure to check out some of her work if you ever need a mental pick-me-up.



(W) Basil Wolverton (A) Basil Wolverton

This Basil Wolverton retrospective collects the ultra-rare classics Scoop Scuttle, Mystic Moot, Bingbang Buster, and Jumpin' Jupiter as they've never been seen before! When first published in 10 comic books, Wolverton's intricate line work was routinely obscured. In this collection, every effort has been made to restore the art to its original splendor, and to at last present the uniquely detailed graphics of this justly revered comic book master.


Why this caught my eye:

Fantagraphics does great work with their reprints and it's nice to get rare books that haven't been in print in forever, especially for Wolverton.



(W) Matt Lubchansky (A) Matt Lubchansky

What if everything the Right thought about the Left was real? Accomplished ANTIFA operative Max Marx is about to get the big promotion: body augmentation to become a fully-fledged super-soldier in their never-ending battle to destroy the police, the American way of life, gender, capitalism, and anything else they deem "fascist." JAN211538

Why this caught my eye:

You can check out a preview (and buy the book directly) here, and check out more of Lubchansky's work from the NIB here. I just like checking out new Silver Sprocket releases and supporting them.

Also, c'mon, the secret button for the super-soldier program is hidden under a homemade kombucha flyer:



(W) Various (A) Various (CA) Mark Kauffman

Greetings From the Wasteland collects the best political cartoons from the worst era. This book features four years of political satire from the Nib, skewering Trump, tech overlords, Internet Nazis, flailing Democrats, and everyone else responsible for this hellscape. The collection also features interviews with 15 brilliant political cartoonists.


Why this caught my eye:

Speaking of the NIB, it's always worth checking out their new anthologies.



(W) Elizabeth Pitch (A) Elizabeth Pitch

Experience the passion and the pleasure of the Fungirl! Delight in her exploits, demolishing the patriarchy while almost burning the house down masturbating, showing teenagers skateboard tricks, and scheming a job at the funeral home. And, a Llama? Chaos reigns supreme. What could possibly go wrong?


Why this caught my eye:

I follow Pitch's War & Peas on Instagram so it's nice to see this material coming to print at Silver Sprocket. You can sample plenty of FunGirl and War & Peace for free.



(W) John Allison (A/CA) Max Sarin

* Return to the world of Giant Days, where Charlotte Grote has her whole life ahead of her; straight to Oxford and a future as a real detective - until she's framed for murder!

* Facing going to jail forever or joining the police, Lottie decides to hit the beat, all while trying to find the real murderer.

* Could the future of law enforcement be 5'2" with a strong bangs game?

* Yes. Very yes.

* Collects Wicked Things #1-6.


Why this caught my eye:

We had a nice Giant Days following at the store so wanted to make sure and spotlight that this collection was finally coming out. Allison has a great sense of humor and Sarin's art is just fantastic.


That's it for this batch, we'll hit art books on the next round!


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