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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Artbooks

This batch of art books features Marvel covers from the past 25 years, a celebrated Vampirella artist, some Yoshitaka Amano goodness, an artbook from a popular contributor of Character Design Quarterly magazine, 25 years of Street Fighter artwork, and the first collection of Allen Williams' personal drawings and paintings.



(A) Arthur Adams, J. Scott Campbell, Alan Davis, Jim Lee, Sam Kieth, John Romita, Joe Quesada, Marc Silvestri (A/CA) Todd McFarlane

Volume two of Marvel Covers charts NEW territory-literally-featuring covers from the last 25 years! Included in this volume will be gorgeous selections by a vast array of talents as they interpret many of Marvel's most iconic characters and titles! Covers by industry legends Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Sam Kieth, Arthur Adams, J. Scott Campbell, Alan Davis, John Romita Jr., Joe Quesada, Marc Silvestri and more! Marvel Covers Artist's Edition Volume One was a smash hit, soon going into a second printing-don't be caught short on what will be one of the most exciting Artist's Editions of the year!


Why this caught my eye:

Dammit IDW, I need less $125 temptations. LESS! I'm generally tempted by all the Artist Editions, so I guess I should be thankful that I've missed a bunch and don't feel like I absolutely have to buy them all to be complete at this point. But still......



(W) Manel Dominguez Navarro (A) Enric Torres-Prat (A/CA) ENRIC


This book contains approximately 100 of Enric's fabulous Vampirella oil paintings, half of which have never before been published. Enric Torres-Prat has long been a fan favorite among comics and illustration fans, most of whom were introduced to his work by the incredible cover paintings that he created for Warren Publishing's EERIE and CREEPY magazines, and especially his breathtaking VAMPIRELLA magazine covers.

With a career spanning more than 50 years, Enric has been involved in almost every area of publishing and fine art, including comics, gallery exhibitions, magazines, and paperback books. While equally at home in many different genres - from horror, to science fiction, to westerns, and more - Enric is perhaps most revered for his unmatched skills at rendering the female form. His passion and ability for painting beautiful women make his art instantly recognizable, and this book contains hundreds of those wonderful paintings and drawings. This large and comprehensive 352-page hardcover book takes us all on a journey through Enric's entire career, from his earliest comic book work, right up to his most recent sought-after private commissions, which continue to be in high demand to this day. His popular art for CREEPY, EERIE, and VAMPIRELLA magazines and images of such iconic characters as Conan, Red Sonja, Super Girl, Tarzan, and Wonder Woman are all here.

Also included is a detailed biography on the artist - a 40-page interview containing many never-seen before photos - which compliments the artwork, by giving us a deep insight into what makes him tick.

We hope you'll join us for THE art book that celebrates the fantastic art of Enric!


Why this caught my eye:

I was tempted on the Kickstarter so it's nice to see it get broader distribution. 13th Dimension has a nice sneak peak worth checking out.



(W) Simone Grunewald (A) Simone Grunewald

Simone Grünewald is a 3dtotal Publishing favorite as the designer of popular characters for Character Design Quarterly magazine, and the author of Sketch Every Day, a book packed with her much sought-after sketching techniques and character-design tips. This new title, The Art of Simone Grünewald, is a beautifully produced hardback that goes even further to delight existing fans, as well as aspiring character designers new to her work. Simone is an expert in the art of imbuing scenes and character with a depth of mood, emotion, and atmosphere. The resulting images are incredibly engaging and thoughtful, while still being accessible and commercial. APR211946

Why this caught my eye:

Another one where I was tempted on the Kickstarter. I'm incredibly glad to see so many Kickstarter projects getting wider release, definitely want more of that please.



(W) Yoshitaka Amano (A/CA) Yoshitaka Amano

Yoshitaka Amano has visualized other worlds of wonder as the artist of the Final Fantasy game series. Now, with Elegant Spirits, our own world's ancient treasures of literature and legend are richly evoked through Amano's paintings and illustrations! Elegant Spirits first contains Amano's adaptation of The Tale of Genji, a psychological exploration of courtly love written a thousand years ago by Lady Murasaki, and often considered to be the earliest novel ever written. The second half of Elegant Spirits is Amano's Fairies, his portrayals of the many magical beings of English and Celtic lore and drama-from brownies and the Seelie Court, to Merlin and Nimue, to Shakespeare's Puck and Titania. The images of Elegant Spirits are accompanied by excerpts of text, poetry, and the stories that accompany these unforgettable figures of the past.


Why this caught my eye:

I'm pretty much always down with Amano art books, and Dark Horse always does a great job. For the $40 price tag I expect it will look amazing.



(W) Capcom (A) Capcom (CA) Kinu Nishimura

The king of fighting games gets the ultimate art book with The Art of Street Fighter, collecting over 25 years of classic Street Fighter artwork! Covering the eras of Street Fighter I, II, III, IV, and Alpha, this 448-page behemoth of a book collects pin-ups, character designs, crossover artwork, rare sketches, tribute art, interviews and creator commentary.


Why this caught my eye:

I already have a couple SF art books so I would expect duplication, but at 448 pages this beast sounds like it's well worth it and probably has a ton of stuff from the past decade I haven't seen.



(W) Allen Williams (A) Allen Williams

Covenant boasts the first collection of Allen Williams' personal drawings and paintings. Allen's strength comes from his mystical connection to his work. He views himself as a guardian and creates artistic personas that serve the well-being of others. At first sight, his mythological characters may look odd, monstrous or grotesque. Yet they represent the good that can be found when you look below the surface of an individual. Each of his fantastical characters is accompanied by a line of text, a poem or a brief story that captures their essence. These visual narratives are pulled to the surface through Allen's renowned mastery of storytelling and his use of graphite and pencil.


Why this caught my eye:

Williams' work is truly beautiful and Flesk does nice work with their art books, so this should be more than worth the $40 price tag.


That's it for this batch, next up we'll look at some miscellaneous genre illusive material.

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