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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Art Books

This batch of artbooks features the first direct-market collection of Ashley Wood's paintings and drawings in over a decade, a new edition of the Taschen H.R. Giger book, one of the most popular artists in the genre of Yaoi, faes and elves by renowned artist Olivier Ledroit, a collection of illustrations on the theme of dragons, and a chunky science fiction anthology highlighting 32 contemporary creators.


7174 ANNUAL 01

(W) Ashley Wood, T. P. Louise (A/CA) Ashley Wood

BIG HONKIN' ART BOOK! ASHLEY WOOD'S ASHLEY WOOD READER: F*BOOK INTRO (AFRFBI) is a 400-page summation and encapsulation of his past 10 years of paintings, illustrations, comic pages, and artistic miscellanies. Presented in oversized fashion, this value-priced collection will help class up any table, bookshelf, or nightstand. The first direct-market collection of ASHLEY WOOD's award-winning paintings and drawings in over a decade!


Why this caught my eye:

I felt like I hadn't seen much Ashley Wood for a while but jeez, a decade since the last direct market release? Also, $9.99 is sort of an insane price for 400 pages.



(W) H. R. Giger (A/CA) H. R. Giger

Following the SUMO-sized monograph which was begun shortly before the artist's unexpected death, this affordable anniversary edition again pays homage to Giger's unique vision. The book shows the complete story of Giger's life and art, his sculptures, film work, and iconic album covers as well as the heritage he left us in his own artist's museum and self-designed bar in the Swiss Alps. In an in-depth essay, Giger scholar Andreas J. Hirsch plunges into the themes of Giger's oeuvre and world while an extensive artist biography draws on contemporary quotes and Giger's own writings.


Why this caught my eye:

Taschen books are insanely good deals (512 pages for $25 yo), so if you've never checked this out I'd say it's well worth a look.



Sinking indulgence. Unstoppable eroticism. Ayumi Kasai's art collection is finally here! Ayumi Kasai is one of the most popular artists in the genre of Yaoi, or "Boys' Love", and is also a pioneer of that genre. This art book, with more than 300 pages, contains illustrations from Ayumi Kasai's Boys' Love novels over the past 10 years, as well as her original work in the Dannahan to Chiwagenka (The Husband & Lover's Fight) series*, and over 250 illustrations, including some newly drawn for this book. Every time you turn the page, you can enjoy the world of aesthetic beauty and eroticism created by Ayumi Kasai. It is like a dazzling Boys' Love shunga picture scroll. Drown in the erotic yet elegant world of Boys' Love.

*This book contains many sexual scenes.


Why this caught my eye:

I'd never heard of Ayumi Kasai before but a quick search reveals some really beautiful (and racy) work. Here's a tame but still really nice sample.



(W) Oliver Ledroit, Laurent Souille, Olivier Souille (A/CA) Oliver Ledroit

We are now certain: FAIRIES exist!

Our world is made up of mysterious and elusive spirits: the Elves and the Faes. Once we accept this evidence, we still have to recognize them, approach them, and sometimes be wary of them... It took our illustrator all his dexterity to be able to approach them, sketch them, and give us this guide to the most remarkable Faes and Elves.

The Fairy Universe offers the reader the keys to this magical and poetic world through hundreds of drawings by renowned artist Olivier Ledroit, spread over double-pages in stunning watercolor and pencil, with illuminating words by Olivier and Laurent Souillé.

A MUST for illustration geeks!


Why this caught my eye:

First I just find it interesting to see art books from Ablaze, maybe I just wasn't paying attention and they already did some but this is a nice expansion for them. Secondly, just look at Ledroit's art:

Like, ok, I'm down.



(A) Various

For fans of Lord Of The Rings, Game Of Thrones and lovers of DRAGONS worldwide! Dragons. They reign above the eternal snows or in the depths of the abyss... They are marvelous, magical, malicious creatures... But where do these winged crea-tures with sparkling scales and fearsome claws come from?

This collection of illustrations on the theme of dragons brings together the best illustrators and comic book authors from around the world: French, English, Danish, Spanish, Italian, American, Canadian... From John Howe, designer of The Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia, to Todd Lockwood, illustrator of Dungeons & Dragons, and Olivier Ledroit, creator of the Chronicles of the Black Moon, and Adrian Smith, one of the authors of Warhammer, and more... They've pooled their talents in a Tolkien-style universe where dragons coexist, fight Dwarves, Orcs, Elves and Humans...

The result is this illustrated encyclopedia, which combines an extraordinary history of dragons, with gorgeous, fully-painted art, that captures every majestic and fearsome detail of these wonderful scaly behemoths!


Why this caught my eye:

Again, interested in seeing what Ablaze is doing with artbooks, and hey, I just like me some dragons.




Discovering unknown worlds. An illustration anthology focusing on Science Fiction. A devastated apocalyptic world, a society with advanced science, humans and cities that are a fusion of machines and advanced technology, characters traveling through an infinite universe, novel gadgets with huge potential, the future that we dreamed of during childhood...

This book is a large-format anthology that introduces 32 contemporary creators and their works depicting near-future and imaginary worlds with a variety of illustration styles and outstanding techniques. Enjoy these highlights from the world of science fiction illustration printed in vivid color and with beautiful binding.

Also, at the end of the book, a feature showing the making of the illustrations by Atsuya Uki, a visual artist and illustrator who has been creating a unique world with his vivid colors and bold compositions.

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking and astounding worldview and images created by 32 creators: Rolua / Asteroid / EVILVIT / Syu Taniguchi / waneella / APO+ / Novelance / JNTHED / Aamond / AF_KURO / Shinya Mizuno / PALOW. / CLT / Esuthio / neco / Atsuya Uki / SWAV / IBUKI / Ewo kaku PETER / Sheng Lam / Yukiko Kata / Yota Tsukino / K,Kanehira / KUROIMORI / Rapt Haguruma / Keiji Hida / Punch / miche (Bourei Koubou) / Tateri Ueda / Akane Malbeni / Sakana Sakatsuki / Kashiwai JAN221580

Why this caught my eye:

I just have a hard time saying no to a chunky sci-fi anthology/artbook.


That's it for this batch, we'll check out some miscellaneous items on the next batch!

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