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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: All-Ages/YA

On this batch of all ages and YA material we have a story of flight and love, some Choose Your Own Adventure action, the new adventures of Little Nemo, dueling Asgardian brothers, and a young hedge witch facing new challenges.



(W) A.C. Esguerra (A/CA) A.C. Esguerra


Jay wants nothing more than to fly the skies in perfect solitude and with perfect freedom.

Or so he thinks, until he crosses paths with a mysterious thief named Fix whose tricks and charms draw him into the struggle against the looming aviation guild to which Jay owes his very being.

As Jay becomes further entangled in the turbulence of Fix's cause, each man must learn to navigate shifting allegiances, the fight for freedom, and the greatest adventure of all - love.

Award-winning cartoonist A.C. Esguerra presents an unforgettable debut graphic novel for fans of The Prince and The Dressmaker and The Sacrifice of Darkness, about finding the courage to fight for what you believe in.


Why this caught my eye:

Esguerra's art looks incredibly beautiful, and this has some Miyazaki tones to it that look compelling.



(W) E.L. Thomas, Andrew E. C. Gaska (A) Valerio Chiola

Choose your own adventure as Rabbit, the new kid on the block, enters a ghoulish world of nightmares, witches, and ghosts. As Rabbit, readers will get to choose which adventure--or nightmare--they'll embark on. From learning about the mysterious witch Prudence Deadly to trouncing through spooky graveyards to meeting ghostly ancestors or channeling some witchcraft with classmates, no one path leads to the same destination. Will you choose a path that leads to the light? Or will the path you choose lead to a gruesome end? You get to decide! A


Why this caught my eye:

There simply aren't enough choose your own adventure books out there, plus Chiola's artwork look great.



(W) Frank Pe (A/CA) Frank Pe

The classic comic strip character Little Nemo, created by the legendary Windsor McCay in 1905, is given brand new life through a collection of beautiful and whimsical new adventures by celebrated author Frank Pé.


Why this caught my eye:

This kinda came out of nowhere for me, but it's neat to see a return to Nemo. I'm also sad to say I'm not familiar with Frank Pé's work, but it looks amazing so I'll have to rectify that.



(W) Mariko Tamaki (A/CA) Gurihiru

They're brothers, gods and sons of Odin - but Thor and Loki just don't get along! Especially since Loki keeps tricking Thor into doing things that will get him in trouble. Even so, when Loki dares Thor to steal a powerful relic from Odin's vault, how can the God of Thunder say nay? As Loki summons a serpent set on city-smashing, Thor has to clean up his mess...again! But when the feuding siblings are transported to an alternate universe, they meet a very different Thor: Jane Foster! Can the Goddess of Thunder help these misbehaving brothers find their way home?

Mariko Tamaki and Gurihiru - the fan-favorite team that brought you SPIDER-MAN & VENOM: DOUBLE TROUBLE - return to unleash anarchy in Asgard!

Collecting THOR & LOKI: DOUBLE TROUBLE #1-4.

Ages 9-12


Why this caught my eye:

I enjoy both Tamaki and Gurihiru a lot, and the Spidey/Venom series they did was cute as well.



(W) Sas Milledge (A/CA) Sas Milledge

BOOM! Studios is proud to showcase the incredible artistic vision of Sas Milledge!

Can Orla O'Reilly embrace her destiny in order to bridge the divide between humanity and the faerie world?

Orla, the youngest in a long line of hedge witches, finds herself pulled back to her hometown after the death of her grandmother - Mamo.

Without Mamo managing magical relationships between the townsfolk and the fae, the seas are impossible to fish, the crops have soured... and Jo Manalo's attic has been taken over by a poltergeist!

Now, Orla and Jo will both be pulled into worlds they never wanted to be part of. Can the two girls work together to save the town?

Sas Milledge (The Lost Carnival: A Dick Grayson Graphic Novel) debuts her first original series perfect for fans of The Last Witch and Sabrina The Teenage Witch that answers the question of how we all reconcile our responsibilities with our dreams for our own future.


Why this caught my eye:

The first issue should already be out but it's a five issue run and I really wanted to highlight the title because Milledge's artwork is amazing.


That's it for this batch, we'll hit crime/suspense next!

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