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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: All-Ages & YA

A new printing of a popular Kickstarter project, the next chapter in a worldwide bestseller, and the return of one of my all-time favorite creators. Lots of good stuff in this batch!

You'll see that I'll try to include a little order code with most items (ex:JUL200019). Show some love to your retailer and use those codes when you can, it saves a lot of time on the data entry end of things.



(W) Jonathan Coulton, Greg Pak (A/CA) Takeshi Miyazawa

For Fans of Tea Dragon Society and Zita the Spacegirl comes a new graphic novel from the best-selling Mech Cadet Yu team of Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa, based on the beloved song by internet superstar musician Jonathan Coulton, that reinvents the princess myth for a new generation! Meet an awesome, independent, young kid who lives with her pet snake and plays rock 'n' roll all day to the huge annoyance of the classical guitarist witch who lives down the road. Hijinks, conflicts, and a fun reconciliation ensues in this young readers graphic novel showcasing determination, bravery, and understanding.


Why this caught my eye:

This originally came out via Kickstarter years ago so I'm really happy to see it get picked up by Boom for (hopefully) consistent distribution. When it comes to Kickstarter releases they may have a 'Retailer Deal' for some form of wholesale bulk, but it's tricky business as stores have to consider: 1) how much is too much to order all at once, 2) how much money that is out of pocket for what is sometimes an unknown release date, and finally 3) when will you ever be able to reorder it? So just saying, glad it's part of the main ordering system for retailers finally.



(W) Dav Pilkey (A/CA) Dav Pilkey

The tenth Dog Man adventure from the worldwide bestselling author and artist Dav Pilkey. You'll howl with laughter! Dav Pilkey's wildly popular Dog Man series appeals to readers of all ages and explores universally positive themes, including empathy, kindness, persistence, and the importance of doing good.


Why this caught my eye:

Obligatory highlight of one the world's best selling comics. Curious what new records this one will shatter.



(W) Megan Wagner Lloyd (A) Michelle Mee Nutter

A coming-of-age middle-grade graphic novel featuring a girl with severe allergies who just wants to find the perfect pet! At home, Maggie is the odd one out. Her parents are preoccupied with the new baby they're expecting, and her younger brothers are twins and always in their own world. Maggie thinks a new puppy is the answer, but when she goes to select one on her birthday, she breaks out in hives and rashes. She's severely allergic to anything with fur! Can Maggie outsmart her allergies and find the perfect pet? With illustrations by Michelle Mee Nutter, Megan Wagner Lloyd draws on her own experiences with allergies to tell a heartfelt story of family, friendship, and finding a place to belong.


Why this caught my eye:

I don't think I've ever seen a graphic novel really deal with allergies, and as it's a common struggle it this strikes me as possibly a great book to keep in stock at schools and libraries.



(W) James Burks (A) James Burks

From the creator of the Bird & Squirrel graphic novel series, comes this hilarious and action-packed new series which follows a feline secret agent who will do whatever it takes to save the world-even if it means destroying a few things along the way.

The Super-Secret Spy Service's mission is to keep the world safe from maniacal villains. And Agent 9 is one of its best operatives. Although Nine always manages to complete the mission, there is occasionally some collateral damage (like the priceless Pigasso painting that was destroyed while foiling an art heist). So Agent 9 is now on probation.

But when bumbling supervillain King Crab manages to overtake S4 headquarters, there is no one else to turn to. Nine-along with a robotic partner named FiN-is all that stands between King Crab and his diabolical plans to melt the polar ice caps and build a massive water park. Can Agent 9 prove to be the right cat for the job by overcoming impulsive behavior and saving the world from a complete flood-a-geddon?


Why this caught my eye:

The Bird & Squirrel series was always a popular seller for us and a favorite for educators to stock up on for their classrooms, so this should be a fun addition to that established run.



(W) Mark Crilley (A) Mark Crilley

Megan and Cass have been joined at the brush for as long as they can remember. For years, while spending summers together at a lakeside cabin, they created art together, from sand to anything available. Then Cass moved away to New York. When Megan finally convinces her parents to let her spend a week in the city, too, it seems like Cass has completely changed. She has tattoos, every artist in the city knows her-she even eats chicken feet! At least one thing has stayed the same: They still make their best art together. But when one girl betrays the other's trust on the eve of what is supposed to be their greatest artistic feat yet, can their friendship survive? Can their art?


Why this caught my eye:

Ok, time for a mini-rant; Mark Crilley's Akiko was one of the greatest comic series of the 90's (1995-2004 to be exact) if not of all time. It was ahead of its time and I believe it is a crime that it is not currently being printed by the likes of Scholastic. I would be willing to murder quite a few people to make this a reality, ok? And quite a few people is an understatement of how far I would be willing to go.

Nations will burn if this does not happen anytime soon. It's not like this nation isn't a dumpster fire anyway, may as well go down in flames for a good reason.

So what I'm saying is that My Last Summer With Cass should be solid, alright?


Always good to end one of these with a statement of murderous intent. Check back next time for some Action/Adventure spotlights!

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