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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Action/Adventure

This batch features teens fighting monsters, sweeping historical Viking fantasy, new Captain Action reprints, WWII drama, and some Nick Cardy and Lily Renee reprints of 'The Queen of Spies' Rita Farrar, aka Senorita Rio.



(W) Kyle Strahm (A/CA) Jake Smith

Dylan, Trixie, and their friends want to be Internet famous, but their show, Into Radness, has twelve subscribers, and it's terrible. Blowing up old VHS tapes and setting slime on fire just doesn't bring in the views.

But freaky things are starting to happen in the city of Back Alley. When the teens are filmed defending themselves from an oozing zonked creature, they become overnight celebrities. Oh, and that creature? There are a lot more of those roaming the streets!

Friendships are strained and battle plans drawn as six teens descend into radness!!


Why this caught my eye:

If you enjoyed Strahm's Unearth or Spread from Image you may want to check this out, and Smith's art looks like a lot of fun.



(W) Ken Bulmer (A) Don Lawrence

Karl the Viking is a sweeping historical fantasy story of an orphaned Saxon boy, adopted and raised by the viking Eingar after his raid on Britain. Upon coming of age Karl succeeds Eingar and leads his tribe into battle in Britain against wild tribes of Picts, and re-connects with his old Saxon family, gaining an ally in his cousin Godwulf, and making an enemy of the Earl of Eastumbria. These fast-paced stories were drawn by Don Lawrence shortly before he revolutionized painted comic art with The Trigan Empire.


Why this caught my eye:

I've never really been exposed to Don Lawrence's art and it's pretty amazing so I'm definitely interested in this package.



(W) Jim Shooter, Gil Kane (A) Wally Wood (CA) Dick Giordano (A/CA) Gil Kane

The CAPTAIN ACTION comic, based on the classic action figure, has been out of print for more than 50 years. Written by Jim Shooter and Gil Kane, drawn by Kane and Wally Wood-a legendary roster of talent if there ever was one-and containing the origin of Captain Action and Action Boy and featuring their arch-nemesis, the diabolical Doctor Evil! All five original issues are collected in this volume and have been meticulously scanned from crisp first generation stats, and painstakingly recolored (using the original comics as guides), beautifully representing a long-lost treasure!


Why this caught my eye:

Just can't really say no to a nice reprinting of Kane and Wood artwork.



On January 27, 1962, a concert at the Maly Theatre in Leningrad is interrupted by a gunshot and an ex-state prisoner is arrested. At the police station, the mysterious gunman recalls the early summer of 1941. When the German army begins its invasion of Soviet Russia, four children are evacuated to the countryside: Maxim, the son of a senior Communist Party official; Pyotr, the son of writers; Anka, the daughter of a concert violinist; and Grigory, the son of a pilot that was executed for insubordination. The farm where they are staying is attacked and the train that is supposed to take th to safety is blown to bits by German planes. The four children must fight through enemy lines to get back to their families in Leningrad. But all that awaits them is one of the most prolonged and destructive sieges in history.


Why this caught my eye:

I've enjoyed everything I've read from Dead Reckoning Press so far and the story sounds like an interesting setup.



(A) Alex A. Blum, Nick Cardy, Arnold Hicks, Lily Renee

The first adventure of Rita Farrar, aka Senorita Rio, the lovely actress-turned-agent, arrived in June 1942 inside the pages of Fight Comics #19. Created by a true legend in the industry Nick Viscardi, later known better as Nick Cardy, he stayed with the series for eleven adventures before handing duties to Lily Renée who was probably most strongly associated with the character and one of the greatest female comic artists in the history of the business! When compared to the many other spy comic series that came and went in the Golden Age, Senorita Rio survived eight years in a male-dominated world due to her extraordinary skills, her marksmanship, and her athleticism, making her truly "The Queen of Spies"!

Collects Fight Comics #19-34 (June 1942-October 1944).


Why this caught my eye:

Cardy art is always nice, but the main draw for me is Lily Renee. If you've never heard of her she's a fascinating figure in comics history, and Trina Robbins published a book about her a while back so you can check that out as well.


That's it for this installment, we'll hit some crime/suspense next time!

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