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Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Action/Adventure

This batch of action packed comics includes a pulpy island adventure, a revenge/spy thriller, a small town mystery, some black and white Zorro action, and an indy blend of John Wick and Blacksad.



(W) John Layman (A/CA) Nick Bradshaw

An all-new tale of high adventure and pulpish mystery from John Layman, New York Times bestselling writer of Chew, and superstar artist Nick Bradshaw (Wolverine & the X-Men, Astonishing Spider-Man)!

There's a region in the Atlantic Ocean where planes disappear, ships are lost, and traveling souls go missing... never to be heard from again. And there's an island within this place, mysterious and uncharted, untouched by time and civilization, where all who are lost end up.

It's a mysterious place inhabited by dinosaurs, pirates, crazed magicians, strange monsters... and a girl named Bermuda. Sixteen-years-old, scrappy, and a survivor, this has been the only life she has ever known. Until today. Today she discovers something on her island that will either open a doorway between her world and ours... or destroy them both!


Why this caught my eye:

I'm always down with checking out new Layman projects, plus I'm a big fan of Bradshaw's artwork.



(W) Mark Millar (A/CA) Matteo Scalera

The world's greatest secret agent has six months to live. Does he die quietly in a hospital bed, or does he make up for a lifetime of bad decisions? He's been propping up an unfair system for over forty years. Now he knows where all the bodies are buried and has nothing to lose when he turns his guns on everyone who ever made a buck creating the mess we're in right now.

REGISTER PITCH: An action/adventure story that's part spy thriller, part revenge rampage-James Bond meets John Wick.


Why this caught my eye:

Despite my general distaste for Mark Millar's style, I have to admit I did enjoy a couple of his works from the past few years (Huck, Reborn, Starlight). Granted, some of that was also because he had some great artists on those projects, and Matteo Scalera's work is easy on the eyes as well. So I'm generally ok with giving new Millar projects and chance now.



(W) Shobo Coker (A/CA) George Kambadais

What strange secrets lie in the mysterious town of Buckhead, USA? Toba and his mother, a renowned scientist, have just immigrated to the US. But instead of living in the Big City like Toba always dreamed, they've moved to a sleepy little town in the Pacific Northwest called BUCKHEAD.

In the middle of the picturesque and pedestrian town, Toba discovers that things aren't as perfect as they seem...

Toba and his newfound friends find a strange video game, a perfect replica of the town and its people. Soon Toba is on the run from men in black, with his friends brainwashed by microchips.

An astonishing new series from Shobo Coker (Outcasts of Jupiter) and George Kambadais (The Black Ghost) perfect for fans of Eve and Home Sick Pilots! OCT210655

Why this caught my eye:

I'm unfamiliar with the creators, but Kambadais' work is looking pretty sharp and the pitch sounds fun.



(W) S.A. Check, Jordan Gershowitz (A) Gordon Purcell, Ev Cantada, Alex Toth (CA) Michael William Kaluta

Alex Toth's incredible Zorro art blazed into comics and changed the way we see black & white. His stunning use of negative space and mastery of fluid motion made every panel of his work a piece of art to behold in its glorious inked splendor. Inspired by the master of bold comic art storytelling, American Mythology presents a new Zorro series based on the beauty of black and white storytelling.

Two new creative teams provide their Toth-inspired tales for new generations of Zorro readers! And as an added bonus we include an incredible Zorro story from Alex Toth's storied past! Zorro Black & White Noir #1 comes with three covers - Main by the comics legend Michael William Kaluta, Alex Toth Variant, and a stunning Black & White Zorro Photo Cover! OCT211136

Why this caught my eye:

AMP never really drew me in as a publisher, but the idea of a Zorro B&W series in honor of Alex Toth hits home. Plus it's hard to pass up on nice B&W Kaluta and Toth covers.



(W) Garrett Gunn, Christina Blanch (A) Kit Wallis (CA) Nick Bradshaw

Set in a world where humans and dogs are equals, Good Boy is a thrill-packed treat for anyone who loves action, dogs, and good stories.

Flint Sparks and his human Jon, both former mercenaries, have settled down in quiet retirement from an industry where the job is supposed to be forever. But, unlike anyone before, they found a way out. However, this new life, filled with peace and joy, is not to be. In the dead of night, some of their former "colleagues", who disagree with their decision to retire, break into their home and murder Jon, leaving Flint alive in the bloody aftermath. That was their FIRST mistake. But don't worry - they haven't seen anything yet


Why this caught my eye:

We start this batch with Nick Bradshaw and we end with a nice Bradshaw cover. And while 'John Wick but reverse' isn't exactly new ground, this sounds like 'John Wick, in reverse, but also Blacksad' so I'm down to see if they bring anything else new to the table.


That's it for this batch, we'll hit crime/suspense on the next batch!

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