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Upcoming Comics Spotlight

The focus on this instalment will be on upcoming Superhero comics!

You'll see that I'll try to include a little order code with most items (ex:JUL200019). Show some love to your retailer and use those codes when you can, it saves a lot of time on the data entry end of things.



(W) Steve Orlando (A/CA) Davide Tinto

The last survivors of the Multiverse live among us under new, superheroic identities, five survivors of doomed worlds...taking a second chance to ensure our world lives on. A new twist on strange superhero comics, with a bleeding-edge eye on the modern moment, COMMANDERS IN CRISIS follows in the footsteps of Doom Patrol and Thunderbolts as five unexpected heroes come together to solve a murder unlike any other. The victim? Compassion itself...This is ideacide!

A new series by acclaimed writer STEVE ORLANDO (Wonder Woman, Doom Patrol: Milk Wars, Martian Manhunter) and artist DAVIDE TINTO (Marvel Action: Spider-Man), an intense, weird action thriller reminding us about the importance of compassion and hope in the present moment, and putting fists to faces along the way! AUG200037

Why this caught my eye:

I like the idea of an Orlando superhero comic that's not at DC, plus there's some fun ideas in the set-up for this series.



(W/A/C) Daniel Warren Johnson

It's Wonder Woman as you've never seen her before-fighting monsters in a postapocalyptic Earth, as brought to life in a daring sci-fi epic by visionary writer and artist Daniel Warren Johnson!   Princess Diana of Themyscira left paradise to save Man's World from itself. When Wonder Woman awakens from a centuries-long sleep to discover the Earth reduced to a nuclear wasteland, she knows she failed. Trapped alone in a grim future, Diana must protect the last human city from titanic monsters while uncovering the secret of this dead Earth-and how she may be responsible for it. Collects Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #1-4.

Why this caught my eye:

Johnson's Murder Falcon was one of the best comics of 2019, so I'm down for pretty much anything he does. First issue of this was solid and just read like a great Elseworlds story.



(W) Tom Peyer (A/CA) Alan Robinson

From the pages of the AHOY interactive sensation Steel Cage! Penultiman, The Next-To-Last-Stage In Human Evolution, is the greatest, best-looking, and most admired super-hero in the world! So how can he stop hating himself? His android understudy, Antepenultiman, thinks he knows the answer! Created by Tom Peyer and Alan Robinson. All AHOY books feature additional prose stores and art.


Why this caught my eye:

Tom Peyer wrote one of my favorite superhero series from 1999, Hourman. It's unfortunately probably never going to be reprinted by DC, so if you ever see it in discount bins go for it. Anyway, Peyer has a great sense of humor and is a fantastic storyteller, so worth checking out.



(W) Jim Rugg (A/CA) Jim Rugg

In 1971, the west learned about Octobriana, the outlaw Russian superhero comic. To show solidarity, underground American cartoonists made their own Octobriana comic book. Robot Stalin's got a new doomsday bomb! Can the Devil-Woman stop him before he destroys us all? Siberian labor camps, PPP secret orgies, motorcycle gunship train chases - this one has it all! Samizdat gone wild, a cross between 70s psychedelia and Soviet constructivism!?! You've never seen a comic book that looks like this! AUG201079

Why this caught my eye:

If you've never heard of Octobriana, first let me recommend you check out this link to the Panel Jumper's episode about her so you can get some background (and hey, check out the 2014 layout for the Dungeon). Now, on top of Octobriana being an interesting subject, Jim Rugg is the creator behind Street Angel, another wonderful comic series. All of this is to say that this should be a fun project to check out.



(W) Donny Cates (A) Dee Cunniffe (CA) Dave Stuart (A/CA) Geoff Shaw

The creative powerhouses behind the bestselling, critically acclaimed GOD COUNTRY, Thanos Wins, and REDNECK returns for the biggest launch of the year.

Imagine everything you thought was fantasy...was real. And now join us, in a world where reality is dead...and anything is possible...


Why this caught my eye:

On some early previews online this sounded reminiscent of Grant Morrison's idea of comics infecting other realities in his DC event Multiversity. Donny Cates may approach some of these existential threats from a more linear standpoint than Morrison, so this could be pretty interesting.


That's it this for this batch!

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