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Upcoming Comics Spotlight

Welcome to another spotlight for new and interesting books soon to be released!

You'll see that I'll try to include a little order code with most items (ex:JUL200019).

Show some love to your retailer and use those codes when you can, it saves a lot of time on the data entry end of things.



(W) Emma Kubert, Rusty Gladd (A/CA) Emma Kubert, Rusty Gladd

SERIES PREMIERE! Third-generation comic artist EMMA KUBERT partners with up-and-coming creator RUSTY GLADD to deliver a high-fantasy epic! This new ONGOING SERIES follows a powerful sorceress attempting to correct her greatest mistake-the creation of a magical cat that can travel through time, space, and reality. The cat threatens to unravel the fabric of the universe, doesn't care, and just won't listen! JUL200025

Why this caught my eye:

I don't think I've ever really noticed any 3rd generation comic creators before, so it's fascinating to see the Kubert artistic genetic code in Emma Kubert's linework and faces. The story and concept sound fun as well.



(W) Gerard Way, Shaun Simon (A) I.N.J. Culbard (CA) Gabriel Ba

The first Umbrella Academy spin off series! When 18-year-old Séance gets himself kicked out of the Umbrella Academy, and his allowance discontinued by Hargreeves, he takes to a place where his ghoulish talents will be appreciated. After a magical high on a vampire-drug-lord's stash, Klaus needs help, and doesn't have his siblings there to save him.


Why this caught my eye:

Umbrella Academy releases are inconsistent to say the least, so it's just good to fire off a signal flare whenever a new one pops up. Culbard is an interesting choice for art duties as well, I really enjoyed his Lovecraft adaptations and his Wild’s End series for BOOM!



(W) David Mariotte, John Barber, Tom Waltz (A) Alex Milne (CA) Gavin Fullerton

It's Skynet vs. Cybertron in a crossover for the ages! 1984: When a deadly race of machines emerge from another time, will a robotic guardian be able to protect the Earth from a dire future... or will the T-800 fail in his mission to prevent the world from becoming a plaything to the Decepticons? It's up to one Terminator to save the future, and nothing's gonna stand in his way!


Why this caught my eye:

Hey, I know I'm biased, but the first two issues were really good in that 'We know this is ridiculous so we're just going for it' way. Alex Milne robot are is also just so good, his Megatron looks amazing. Plus seeing Starscream transform into one of the Skynet jets is pretty cool and I kinda want that toy now?



(W) Andi Watson (A/CA) Andi Watson

A page-turning, Kafkaesque dark comedy in brilliant retro style, this graphic novel watches one man try to keep it together while everything falls apart.

Upon the publication of his latest novel, G. H. Fretwell, a minor English writer, embarks on a book tour to promote it. Nothing is going according to plan, and his trip gradually turns into a nightmare. But now the police want to ask him some questions about a mysterious disappearance, and it seems that Fretwell's troubles are only just beginning...

In his first book for adults in many years, acclaimed cartoonist Andi Watson evokes all the anxieties felt by every writer and compresses them into a comedic gem of a book. Witty, surreal, and sharply observant, The Book Tour offers a captivating lesson in letting go.


Why this caught my eye:

It's been a while so it's nice to see Andi Watson put some new material out. The concept sounds interesting, but seriously, just look at all the linework he put into that cover alone.



(W) Kyle Higgins, Mat Groom (A) Francesco Manna, Michael Cho (CA) Alex Ross

In darkness there lurks Kaiju - terrifying and unfathomable monsters. Between Kaiju and the rest of us stands the United Science Patrol!

But who are these enigmatic defenders, and how do they perform their miracles? Shin Hayata and Kiki Fuji have spent half a lifetime trying to find out - and their quest is about to drive them toward a decades-old dark secret and put them on a collision course with a mysterious warrior from beyond the stars!

Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), Mat Groom (Self/Made) and Francesco Manna (AVENGERS) reimagine the classic origin of a pop culture icon as THE RISE OF ULTRAMAN begins!


Why this caught my eye:

Higgins is a solid creator who works well with the original source material of whatever hiss project is while infusing fun storytelling, so this could be a very entertaining re-introduction of the character.



(W) Lauren Clauss

Wonder Woman brings her favorite Christmas traditions home in this beautifully illustrated hardcover holiday storybook. There are lots of ways to celebrate the holiday season, snowmen, and electric lights are just a few of them - and will the Amazons of Paradise Island come to love Christmastime as much as Wonder Woman? Get into the spirit of the holidays with Wonder Woman and her family of Amazons in this fun, fully-illustrated hardcover storybook perfect for girls and boys ages 3 to 7 and Wonder Woman fans of every age!


Why this caught my eye:

C'mon, that just looks cute. I like Lauren Clauss style a lot.



(W) Zac Thompson (A/CA) Jen Hickman

Catrin Vander, a lonely video producer, buys an Artificial Intelligence partner that's meant to bond for life. After ten years together, her holographic wife suddenly discon-nects without a warning. The breakup drives Catrin to the point of near insanity. She's alone for the first time in years and reeling from a loss she can't comprehend.

Set in the new future, drenched in pastels and sunshine, LONELY RECEIVER is a horror/breakup story in five parts. Written by Zac Thompson (UNDONE BY BLOOD, THE REPLACER, HER INFERNAL DESCENT, No One's Rose, X-Men) and illustrated in color by Jen Hickman (MOTH & WHISPER, Test).

Who are you/ //in another's eye It's not what you think// /don't you cry. JUL200989

Why this caught my eye:

Zac Thompson has been killing it with Undone By Blood, and the concept sounds great.



(W) Jonathan Hill (A/CA) Jonathan Hill

Eight years ago an earthquake-the Big One-hit along the Cascadia fault line, toppling cities and changing landscapes all up and down the west coast of the United States. Life as we know it changed forever. But for Vietnamese American Virginia Crane, life changed shortly after the earthquake, when her mother left and never came back.

Ginny has gotten used to a life without her mother, helping her father take care of her two younger brothers, Wes and Harry. But when a mysterious package arrives for her eighteenth birthday, her life is shaken up yet again. For the first time, Ginny wants something more than to survive. And it might be a selfish desire, but she's determined to find out what happened to her mother-even if it means leaving her family behind. JUL201302

Why this caught my eye:

Sounds like a fascinating and depressing slice of life drama set in a post-apocalyptic scramble for survival. Sounds great!E



(W) Ben Matsuya, John Matsuya (A/CA) Ben Matsuya

When the corporate executives of a theme park conjure real monsters for their Halloween "Midnight Massacre" spectacular, all hell breaks loose - literally. It's up to a jaded games employee and her friends to terminate the devil and save the park. JUL200967

Why this caught my eye:

After doing some research, I like the look of Ben Matsuya's art style.



(W) Pikachi Ohi (A) Pikachi Ohi

A sweet yuri romance between two teachers! Hayama-sensei and Terano-sensei are two women who work at the same school... and just started going out. They're a little shy about their budding relationship, but their co-workers - even their students - are rooting for them as they bumble their way through love!


Why this caught my eye:

Listen, I have a quota of adorable queer romances to maintain and any book that uses the phrase 'bumble their way through love' gets an instant add.


That does it for this batch! I'm probably going to start posting these spotlights at least twice a week going forward, I have an endless amount of books to share and want to get them out before the books actually arrive so people have a chance to place orders and keep an eye out!

Look for regular posting on every Wed & Sat or Sun!

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