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Ridiculously large Sentinel toy sells ridiculously well

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Launching on July 10th, Hasbro's crowdfunding platform known as Haslab announced this massive 26.3in figure of the iconic robotic threat to the X-Men. While it does come in at a whopping $349.99, it does come with a Marvel Legends 6-inch Bastion figure. And granted, while it's arguable if anyone actually needs a figure of Bastion, it's a nice thematic addition. Needing 6000 backers to see production, the figure crushed those numbers the next day and proceeded to hit the 7000 mark to unlock the first set of stretch goals. The unlock?

A very fancy Master Mold head you can switch out. Which is pretty nice on its own, but then by Sunday they smashed through 8000 backers to unlock yet another add-on. This time? A battle-damaged head and hand combo.

Monday saw Haslab break through 9000 backers, which unlocked the inclusion of a Marvel Legends 6-inch Female Prime Sentinel figure. So with two additional figures and a handful of bonus goodies, this package is looking a lot better every day.

While it's a bit shocking to see over 9k units pre-ordered within a matter of days, it's fascinating to see the extended roll-out of add-ons and bonuses. Considering we still have 42 days to go on the crowdfunding, there's plenty of space for more. Perhaps we'll see an appearance from the Tri-Sentinel?

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