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Reviews: Sobek

I'm fairly late to this one as it was released around mid 2019, Sobek alluded me for a bit as I only ever had one customer mention it offhand and it just never popped up in my radar again. At some point I was looking for info on a completely different project (I think it was Don't Go Without Me), and while scanning through the publisher website for ShortBoxI was like, "Oh right! Damn there's a lot of good stuff here." I was going to attempt to do a wholesale order but it just never came together as it was just before the Covid19 shutdown. So I thought screw it, let's get some money direct to the publisher because I want this kick-ass looking crocodile book by James Stokoe.

If you are a Stokoe fan, it will not disappoint. His lavish attention to detail and hyper kinetic style is on display here in this 32-page slightly-taller-than-normal comic with heavy stock paper. There are no ads to break the pacing of the art's flow, and it even has some fancy gold foil on the cover to add another stamp of prestige to the already gorgeous package. While for my personal tastes I think I would have preferred this to be a square bound item for bookshelf storage and accessibility, there is definitely a charm to this format choice that makes it feel like a special event project.  it's worth noting there is no barcode, so the front and back are completely dedicated to the art. The old retailer in me would have been bugged by that but I do very much appreciate the pure uninterrupted artist showcase element.

There really isn't much of a plot to this, but presumably you're here more because of the art so it shouldn't be much of a problem. All said the story is only really going to take you a few minutes to read, but the smorgasbord of art should take you longer to digest. The first page alone gives you plenty for your eyes on linger on as you take in the shrine to Sobek and the detail work in the vines, trees, and waves of water. Even the subtle inclusion of tiny little white birds floating in the top of the scene (that I completely missed until writing this review) add to the immediate ambience and inform you that you need to take some time to absorb the art.

The best thing about the simplicity of the story is the chill Lebowski-ness of the character Sobek as he deals with a godly turf-war against Set.

If you're more of a story person and on a tight budget, this may not be for you. It's £9 pounds with £3.10 for shipping so that's a little over $15 if you order it directly from ShortBox. If you want an art book that features a bit of story? Then this is perfect for you. I feel like I got my money's worth, and I don't think this is the type of book you see in many comic shops as they may not bother to order direct from the publisher. 

You can purchase it directly here

And you can check out more from James Stokoe at:

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1 Comment

Aug 22, 2020

Would love to check this out.

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