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Review: Dibujante Nocturno: The Art of Fran Garcés

I Kickstarted this back in July 2020 and then I pretty much completely blacked out on it. You gotta love it when these projects finally pop up, it's like a birthday present from your past self. My only regret is that I didn't choose the extra material such as the mini-zine and sketchbook, but the book itself is fantastic enough and we can't order everything we want off of Kickstarter. Try as we might....

Dibujante Nocturno is a handsomely designed hardcover with grained leather-effect binding and gunmetal foiling, clocking in at 152 pages on high quality paper. The sampling of Garcés art pulled me in pretty quickly, and after checking out more of his work I was sold.

The book is divided up into a bunch of different sections, starting with a history of early work and the development of his particular style. Then it starts to break up into particular focuses such as dragons, mermaids, monsters and so on.

There are also a chunk of sections discussing his personal life and motivations, tutorials that focus on tools and materials, sketchbook material with examples of preliminary line drawing and compositional development, and a ton more. It's a great blend of art with plenty of reading, and it's fascinating to see some of the step by step breakdowns of his process.

The oversized 12x9.44 scale combined with the high quality paper really compliments all of the artwork. I paid something like $50 after shipping and it's well worth every penny. Hell, even the box they sent it in was nicely designed for maximum protection, plus it even had a nice art imprint on it. This is one of those Kickstarters that makes you glad to not only support the creators directly but also glad that you take risks for unique and high quality projects.

If you are a fan of fantasy art or monster design work I highly recommend checking this out, or at least that you give Garcés a follow on social media. And if you like that stuff and are also a sucker for well designed and nicely bound hardcover packages then this is a no brainer.

You can purchase a copy here.

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