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Review: 51Hundred Vol 1 TP

I had completely missed the release of the trade paperback when it came out at the end of 2019, so I'm glad I was able to stumble across this a few months back. Reprinting the webcomic by Vaneda Vireak, the trade gives you the first three chapters collecting the misadventures of three dead boys in the afterlife.

The main character, Sugar, wakes up one day with a halo over his head and a rude awakening when mysterious figures come knocking.

Members of the After-Life Post Mortem Committee have arrived with two other boys in tow, Tuck and Zip. They each have either a halo or horns over their heads denoting how many points away they are from either Heaven or Hell.

They're all dragged to Hell, which is actually a section of limbo, except there is the really bad Hell and if they want to avoid that they need to start doing some good deeds.

As the story progresses the kids are sort of drafted into becoming interns for the Hell Police, giving them more opportunities to earn points but also putting them in the way of danger.

While I've seen some books doing the same mix up of police procedural and supernatural/demonic action, Vireak's worldbuilding and focus on these younger characters gives the series a nice infusion of energy and quirkiness that's bolstered by her facial expressions and great character designs.

Plus she just has a great sense of humor.

The first trade leaves you with the boys just officially joining the police after a trial by fire of sorts, with a lot of great hints as to the type of dangers we can expect in the future and some interesting interpersonal dynamics.

Definitely a series worth keeping an eye on, and I would recommend the trade as it's a good 120 pages with no ads for the $16.99 price tag. Unfortunately I can't really find any details as to the schedule for the rest off the series, or even if there will be more. It seems that the majority of what was finished was done in 2016, and Vireak may have moved on to other projects since. So we'll just have to hope and be patient and enjoy what we have in the meantime.

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