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Reading Pile: A Call To Cthulhu

Another Kickstarter has finally has arrived (don't worry, you can buy it directly from the creator here), and this time we've got an odd hybrid of artbook/comic/terrible storybook for children. I really enjoy creator Norm Konyu's art style, plus I have trouble saying no to dark comedy with a Lovecraftian twist so this was a must-order for me.

There really isn't much of a story, and instead this follows an angry phone call to Cthulhu that takes the form of a tour through various Lovecraft stories. The mainstays are all touched on such as The Shadow Over Innsmouth, Dagon, and of course The Call of Cthulhu. Each art piece is accompanied by a few lines of prose that are mostly a litany of frustrated complaints aimed towards the elder gods.

The storybook element is cute, but it's all a quick read and nothing really stays with you for too long. It's a fun aside to the real draw, which is the gorgeous art that is an interesting blend of cartoony and ominously disturbing. We've seen all of these pieces adapted again and again and we're going to keep seeing them adapted, so I look forward to newer iterations or art pieces that are a little out of the normal wheelhouse.

The book clocks in at 44pages and it's a nice oversized 8.3x11.7 that really compliments the art. It's roughly $14 but the shipping will bump it up a little bit since it's coming from the UK. If you generally collect Lovecraftian stuff then this is just a nice addition to your collection, but I also recommend it as a nice little artbook.

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