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New & Upcoming Comics Spotlight: LGBTQ+


(W) LySandra Vuong (A/CA) LySandra Vuong

Discover LySandra Vuong's hit supernatural action Webtoon in print for the first time ever!

In a world where priests are decked out in holy tattoos and brandish machine guns in the face of demons, a powerful exorcist and a mysterious boy cross paths . . . in a college classroom.

Exorcist Erza's faith is waning when God intervenes and sends him on a mission to protect Sunny, an outwardly normal human, from demonic forces. But as closed-off Sunny runs from a bloody past and Ezra attempts to fulfill his duty, the two find themselves drawn ever closer together.

With his church under scrutiny and the threat of war on the horizon, will Ezra find his conviction in time to keep Sunny safe? Will Sunny even accept his help? Or will they both suffer the consequences?

From debut creator LySandra Vuong comes the first volume of the supernatural action webcomic that explores religious faith, a slow burn queer romance, the weight of destiny, and what it means to be good in a world plagued by demons.

This volume collects episodes 1-18 of the hit Webtoon comic Covenant.


Why this caught my eye:

You can check out the webcomic here.



(W) Maurice Vellekoop (A) Maurice Vellekoop

Meet little Maurice Vellekoop, the youngest of four children raised by Dutch immigrants in the 1970s in a blue-collar suburb of Toronto. Despite their working-class milieu, the Vellekoops are devoted to art, music, and film, and they instill a deep reverence for the arts in young Maurice-except for literature. He'd much rather watch Cher and Carol Burnett on TV than read a book. He also loves playing with his girlfriends' Barbie dolls and helping his Mum in her hair salon, which she runs out of the basement of their house. In short, he is really, really gay. Which is a huge problem, because the family is part of the Christian Reformed Church, a strict Calvinist sect. Needless to say, the church is intolerant of homosexuality. Though she loves her son deeply, Maurice's mother, Ann, cannot accept him, setting the course for a long estrangement.

Vellekoop struggles through all of this until he graduates from high school and is accepted into the Ontario College of Art in the early 1980s. Here he finds a welcoming community of bohemians, including a brilliant, flamboyantly gay professor who encourages him to come out. But just as he's dipping his toes into the waters of gay sex and love, a series of romantic disasters, followed by a violent attack, sets him back severely. And then the shadow of the AIDS era descends.

I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together is an enthralling portrait of what it means to be true to yourself, to learn to forgive, and to be an artist.


Why this caught my eye:

This popped up on my radar a few times, and most recently there's a nice write up over on NPR.



(W) Jade LFT Peters (A/CA) Jade LFT Peters

Two years ago, the apocalypse started for the seventh time. As the number of zombies rise, so do the ranks of influencas: professional zombie hunters who post their lives online. When Dodie and Beatriz, the accidental founders of the movement, are trapped in their bunker by a persistent horde, what else is there to do but take a romantic vacation?

Told through the lens of interviews, social media posts, and nostalgic reminiscing, Influenca is a glimpse into a day at the end of the world, past and present, and what life looks like when the apocalypse becomes predictable.

Originally published digitally as part of the 2022 ShortBox Comics Fair. This new edition includes the original ShortBox comic, plus a brand-new bonus comic! DEC231730

Why this caught my eye:

There should just be more queer post apocalyptic zombie romance dramas on the market period, but hey take what you can get. Check out preview pics here.



(W) Blue Delliquanti (A/CA) Blue Delliquanti

Minneapolis, 2021. Curtis is newly out, single, and ready to take his life in a different direction. Anton is an enigmatic young man who recognizes Curtis from their pre-pandemic lives. One casual drink leads to a charged relationship layered with unspeakable needs.

A graphic novella about connection and failure, grief and responsibility, and the effect of world-changing events on the soul of the individual.

Originally published as part of the 2022 ShortBox Comics Fair.


Why this caught my eye:

It's always worth checking new Delliquanti projects, and if you're not familiar with them you can check out their works here. Previews of Adversary here.



(W) Emily Carroll (A/CA) Emily Carroll

Like many before her that have never come back, she’s made it to the Countess’ castle determined to snuff out the horror… but she could never be prepared for what hides within its turrets, what unfurls under its fluttering flags. Emily Carroll has fashioned a rich gothic horror charged with eroticism that doesn’t just make your skin crawl — it crawls into it.

Originally published by Koyama Press, this beloved Emily Carroll erotic horror comic is back in print with Silver Sprocket, featuring a new foil-accented cover.


Why this caught my eye:

Glad to see this reprinted and from a great publisher. Check out that fantastic Carroll artwork here.

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