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New & Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Humor

This batch features the newest John Layman project, some Svengoolie action, a new book from Megg, Mogg, & Owl's Simon Hanselmann, a print version of Extra Fabulous Comics, and a new mini-series for I Hate Fairyland.



(W) John Layman (A/CA) Jok


Life in hell ain't easy. Demons try to torture you for all eternity. Monsters want to eat you. There's a stunning lack of reliable indoor plumbing. And it's almost impossible to get ice cream. At least, until today, when three condemned teens and their annoying tagalong demon frenemy embark on a daring scheme to hijack a demon lord's delivery truck. What happens next will take them on an epic journey across the underworld, an infernal excursion of nonstop excitement, danger, and adventure.

Presenting a devilishly fun new series from multiple Eisner-winning writer/letterer JOHN LAYMAN (CHEW, Suicide Squad: Kill Arkham Asylum) and Argentinian superstar artist JOK.


Why this caught my eye:

If you've never read Chew or Outer Darkness, make sure to give those a chance. Always down with checking out Layman's new work.



(W) Rich Koz, Jim Roche, Chris Faulkner (A) Jill Thompson, Art Baltazar, Franco (A/CA) Chris Jones

In this first of two specials, MeTV sensation Svengoolie appears in his first full length comic book feature, as the evil Svenbot goes to the past to undo Svengoolie's future. Learn the secrets behind Sven, and his crazy cast of friends, Boddy Sorrell, Tombstone and Kerwyn as told by the show's creators Rich (Svengoolie) Koz, Jim Roche and Chris Faulkner.

Buy this at your local store and remember, No Personal Checks!


Why this caught my eye:

To be honest I had no idea who Svengoolie was until like 2017-ish. I just know people love him, so here ya go.



(W) Simon Hanselmann (A) Josh Pettinger

In the tradition of the once ubiquitous British hardback annuals comes the Werewolf Jones & Sons Deluxe Summer Fun Annual! One Hundred fun-filled seasonal pages of spoofs and goofs for the whole family to enjoy (no minors allowed)!

Werewolf Jones, drugged up to his eyeballs, believes he is the world's greatest father, which is the most far-from-the-truth, deluded thought ever thought by any thinker. Parents can learn a lot about what NOT to do as a guardian by observing as Werewolf Jones deals with bullying, his own inebriation and sex addiction, his children's blossoming sexuality, running out of alcohol in a recession, and coping with the kids when he “wasn't meant to be responsible for the little fuckers tonight.”

Featuring fun appearances by beloved friends of the family such as Megg, Mogg, and Owl, not to mention Dracula Jr. and Tim the drug dealing spider. The “WWJ&Sons DSFA” will surely leave you confused, angry, upset, heavily triggered and wishing you could call Child Protective Services on a fictional werewolf!

Put together with lots of love by Simon Hanselmann and rising underground star and franchise newcomer, Josh Pettinger (Goiter, Power Wash). Pettinger has been diligently screened with a full state police check and is a staunch British monarchist, fully qualified for such a throwback, Britannia-flavored project. Get ready for one of the hottest summers on record (not merely due to rising climate-based anomalies)! APR231451

Why this caught my eye:

Something for the Megg, Mogg, & Owl fans to not miss.



(W) Zach Stafford (A/CA) Zach Stafford

"ZACH STAFFORD's comics find a way to combine extreme absurdity and real, honest emotion in a way that is endlessly fascinating to me." -NATHAN PYLE (Strange Planet)

For fans of Strange Planet, MR. LOVENSTEIN PRESENTS: FAILURE, and the Sarah's Scribbles collections! Master of the hilarious, unpredictable, and just plain weird ZACH STAFFORD's GOOD COMICS FOR BAD PEOPLE marks his graphic novel debut, and features all the laughter, absurdity, and bodily fluids that have made his worldwide mega-hit webcomic so (in)famous!

Includes all your favorite Extra Fabulous Comics, plus book-exclusive comics that can't be found online and an introduction by SARAH ANDERSON, the mastermind behind Sarah's Scribbles. MAY230133

Why this caught my eye:

I'm not going to say they're all winners, but it's nice to have the option for a print version.



(W) Skottie Young, Dean Rankine (A) Aaron Conley, Dean Rankine (CA) Mike Del Mundo


A five-issue anthology series featuring Untold Tales based on Eisner Award-winning writer SKOTTIE YOUNG's bestselling comic, I HATE FAIRYLAND, with stories written and drawn by a stellar lineup of creators.

BULLY WARS co-creators SKOTTIE YOUNG and AARON CONLEY pit Gert against an uncouth barbarian in "Bruud the Brutal." And in "Don't Trust the P.I.G. in Apartment 23," by DEAN RANKINE (Simpsons Comics, Invader Zim), Gert finds herself at the wrong end of a classic fairy tale.


Why this caught my eye:

I already love the Excalibur bit in the previews.


That's it for this batch, we'll check out some art books on the next round!

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