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New & Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Drama

This batch features a follow up to Ari Folman's Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic Adaptation, a tale of divergent paths crossing in eccentric small-town living, a tale of self discovery, a case of a gum vandal against the backdrop of single parenting depression, and an old man in pursuit of the unknown.



(W) Ari Folman (A) Lena Guberman

The creative team that produced the international bestselling and award-winning Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic Adaptation, now follows up with a new story bringing to life Kitty, Anne Frank's imaginary friend to whom she addressed her diary. It's the middle of the night at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, and a magnificent thunderbolt has just struck the building and shattered the protective glass case in which the most famous diary in history is displayed. Magically, Anne's imaginary friend, Kitty, comes to life. At first Kitty doesn't know that seventy-five years have passed, and she has no clue as to why Anne is not in the house or what has become of the seven other inhabitants of the Secret Annex. When Kitty learns that Anne and her beloved sister Margot have died in the war, she decides to run away from the house, and follow the path of the sisters all the way to where they met their fatal end. Kitty, who soon realizes that she cannot exist without Anne, decides to steal the diary from the museum and starts her journey. Kitty recounts the complete story of Anne Frank's life, family, and diary from her own unique perspective. In the present day Kitty's adventures bring her in contact with the refugee crisis in Europe, from which she discovers the true meaning of Anne Frank's legacy.


Why this caught my eye:

If you never checked out Anne Frank's Diary: The Graphic Adaptation, give that a look first as it's well worth your time.



(W) Camille Jourdy (A/CA) Camille Jourdy

Juliette boards a train from Paris and comes back to her hometown hoping for a low-key visit with family and old friends. What she finds is anything but; her family is a mess and Juliette finds herself involved with the unlikely Georges, a dyspeptic alcoholic who is stuck in his life. These divergent paths inevitably cross one another against a gloriously painted backdrop of eccentric small-town living.


Why this caught my eye:

Jourdy caught my attention last year FirstSecond release The Wonderous Wonders.



(W) Hope Larson (A) Hope Larson

It's January 1, 1996, and high school junior Christine wants more than anything to be that cool girl everyone notices, like her gorgeous best friend, Landry. She usually hates New Year's resolutions, but this year she vows to be that shiny kind of girl-and record it all in her diary through prose, illustration, and comics. When Landry drops her, Christine is surprised to discover just how much she doesn't miss her and her drama. But a misguided kiss with film-obsessed Paul, her only other close friend, also causes a rift, and she finds herself facing a long, lonely summer. With nothing to lose, Christine finds a new sense of courage. She gets a job at her neighborhood video store, experiments with her art, and becomes romantically entangled with her next-door neighbor Whit, who's either the coolest guy ever or a total jerk. In spite of all this, she doesn't quite feel shiny-until a shocking betrayal shows her the value of the words and drawings she hides in her diary, and she finally understands that she doesn't need to be cool to be noticed-she only needs to be herself.


Why this caught my eye:

Always down to to check out new Hope Larson projects.



(W) Nicholas Breutzman (A) Nicholas Breutzman

Nic and Henry-father and son-stumble on an old forgotten park and make a bizarre discovery. Someone marked all the trees with wads of chewed gum! Who is the gum bandit? Reeling from recent family upheaval, Nic navigates the brave new world of single parenthood. Meanwhile, his ex-wife descends into addiction, abuse, and homelessness. Amid the turmoil, he becomes increasingly and desperately obsessed with exposing the gum vandal. Can Nic rise to the occasion and come to terms with his new reality? Or will he let the past drag him back into despair and denial, threatening the thing he holds most dear: his relationship with Henry, his son? JUL232058

Why this caught my eye:

This sounds like an oddly lighthearted descent into depression, and I am down with that.



(W) Tyler Landry (A) Tyler Landry

A retiree dedicates his days to combing a dense, snow-covered forest in pursuit of the unknown, and his nights to reminiscing about his wife. Old Caves is a peek through a frost-covered window at isolation, obsession, and the slow erosion of relationships. The high contrast black and white art enhances the sense of absolute solitude. Old Caves is one of the best looking graphic novel debuts in recent memory.


Why this caught my eye:

I really like Landry's art, and the story is right up my alley.


That's it for this batch, we'll check out some manga on the next round!

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