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New & Upcoming Comics Spotlight: Crime/Suspense

This batch features a stylish psychosexual thriller, a disturbing exploration of the underbelly of Americana, a hard-boiled noir mixed with bright alien-filled worlds, a comic creator tempting fate with his mafia boss comic publisher, and a pair of dysfunctional detectives trying to tackle an unsolvable case.



(W) Alex De Campi (A) Scott Henderson (CA) Erica Henderson

In the middle of the pandemic, a fading genre-TV actor, fresh from his long-running series' cancellation, collides with an obsessive fan at a Texas convention. When she lures him to her home, he'll have to put on the greatest performance of his life simply to survive until morning. Unless, of course, he's the real monster...

Bestselling, critically acclaimed duo ALEX DE CAMPI and ERICA HENDERSON (DRACULA, MOTHERF**KER!) reunite for another stylish horror reinterpretation-this time the psychosexual thriller.


Why this caught my eye:

Loves me some Erica Henderson and the previews are looking solid.



(W) Josh Ruben (A) Briana Tippetts

The debut comic from director Josh Ruben follows the groundbreaking path he's forged through the horror genre with his films Werewolves Within and Scare Me. Darla is a demented mash up of Dead Zone and Requiem for a Dream that explores the disturbing underbelly of Americana through politics, health, psychosis and murder.


Why this caught my eye:

The preview looked odd and interesting.



(W) Jordan Thomas (A/CA) Shaky Kane


Legendary British artist SHAKY KANE (THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN) and writer JORDAN THOMAS (Frank At Home On The Farm) are your guides through the corrupt, seedy streets of Stellar City in their new MINISERIES! The hard-boiled noir of LA Confidential mixes with the bright, alien-filled worlds of Futurama in this crime epic. Following months of gang shootings, Detective Ovra Sawce is paired with a new partner on a triple homicide. But what were a billionaire's assistant, a hood-turned-cult leader and Sawce's former partner doing in that warehouse?


Why this caught my eye:

I'm kind of give and take on Kane, but I like sci-fi hard-boiled noir so it's well worth checking out.



(W) Shane Berryhill (A/CA) Hoyt Silva

NONSTOP. NYC. 1939. Comics creator Jack Levi places his life and career on the line when he begins an affair with the femme fatale lover of his mafia boss publisher. Comic Books Kill! is a crime noir tale of myths, mistresses, and mobsters sure to thrill fans of Kirby, Brubaker, and Phillips.


Why this caught my eye:

It's an intriguing pitch, and if done right can be a fun blend considering they're invoking Kirby and Brubaker.



(W) Chuck Pires (A) Sunando C, Mark Dale

When an aged, terminally ill detective and a young burnout are partnered up and saddled with an unsolvable case, they begin to unravel a sprawling conspiracy that points to one thing: The most prolific serial killer in American history. As they further investigate the case, they make discoveries that will force them to question everything and everyone they know.

True Detective meets Lethal Weapon with the prestige dramatic storytelling of a David Fincher film.


Why this caught my eye:

I love it when horribly dysfunctional detectives have to solve terrible serial killer cases. That is seriously one of my oddly specific jams.


That's it for this batch, we'll check out some Marvel on the next round!

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