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New & Upcoming Comics Spotlight: All-Ages/YA


(W) Gene Luen Yang (A) LeUyen Pham

Two graphic novel superstars join forces in this heartwarming rom-com about fate, family, forgiveness, and lion dancing!

Valentina Tran used to love Valentine's Day. But when she learns the truth behind her parents' separation, she concludes true love is a lie. A ghoulish visage of Saint Valentine appears and promises to protect Val from heartbreak-but only if she gives up on love. Permanently.

Suddenly, cousins Leslie and Jae come roaring into Val's life-literally. They're lion dancers, and during one fateful Lunar New Year performance, the lion they're inside hands Val a paper heart. And in that moment, Val feels . . . something again.

Is that feeling love? Could this be Val's chance to break the family curse? Or is she destined to have a broken heart forever?


Why this caught my eye:

I'm late and this is already out, but always worth spotlighting for the two great creators.



(W) Estelle Nadel, Sammy Savos (A) Bethany Strout

A gripping graphic memoir about a young Jewish girl's fight for survival during the Holocaust.

As the youngest child in a large Jewish family, Enia Feld's childhood is happy, carefree, and full of song.

Until the Nazis invade Poland . . .

Change comes slowly. It starts with German soldiers in town and a yellow star on her sweaters. Next, Jewish children are barred from school and there are whispers of their neighbors leaving Poland. And then, all at once, the Nazis start rounding up Jewish families, sending them to ghettos or by train to destinations unknown. In the space of a single night, Enia and her family are separated and forced into hiding-at the mercy of their neighbors during a terrifying time of war.

With beautifully rendered illustrations, The Girl Who Sang shares a powerful story of loss and liberation-of family, survival, and rediscovering your song-during the Holocaust.


Why this caught my eye:

Really loving Savos' art.



(W) Lars Henrik Eriksen (A) Lars Henrik Eriksen

Discover the vibrant island of Mata-Mata with long-time residents Cobalt Cogg and his grandfather Alfred! Cobalt wants to grow up to be an inventor like his grandpa, but when he and his friend Linnea get into an accident with one of Alfred's inventions, their lives are forever changed. Can Cobalt recover and move forward with a normal life? Plus, learn about Alpha-Energy and all the ways it can help! Is there something more to this mysterious energy source? Prepare to dive into a world of imagination, adventure and the power of creating as The Inventor: The Dangerous Discovery takes readers on an exciting and heartfelt journey.


Why this caught my eye:

The art looks fun, and the creator has an actual engineering degree so I suspect he'll nerd out and sneak in useful info in here.



(W) Mike Cavallaro (A) Mike Cavallaro

Eowulf Wegmund just had the most amazing summer ever! She traveled to a magical supply shop at the crossroads of all realities, rescued unicorn soldiers from a pocket dimension, and fought an evil god with the help of her friend Nico Bravo. Pretty rad, even for a descendant of the legendary monster hunter Beowulf! Now she finds herself back home in her boring New Jersey suburb, where the only monsters are the ones in her D&D game, unless you count her classmate Amadeus Hornburg-the kid everyone loves to hate. But when a mysterious supervillain returns to wreak havoc, Eowulf and Amadeus must join forces. To save her town, Eowulf has to live up to her legacy and become the greatest monster hunter of all!


Why this caught my eye:

Sounds fun, I enjoyed Cavallero's work on CURSES! FOILED AGAIN (check out more of his stuff here), and I just noticed that here sword's hilt has a very disapproving eyeball on it so I'm sold.



(W) Kazu Kibuishi (A/CA) Kazu Kibuishi

The highly anticipated, thrilling conclusion to Kazu Kibuishi's #1 New York Times-bestselling series! After her confrontation with Ikol, Emily finally understands the stone's power and what she must do to defend Alledia from the shadows. As she travels to Typhon to help her mom and Navin, Prince Trellis returns to the Kingdom of the Elves to save his countrymen -and confront the fraud who has seized power in the absence of a king. The threat of darkness follows all Stonekeepers closely, and it will take the strength of both new friends and old foes to conquer it... and survive. DEC231508

Why this caught my eye:

It's kinda crazy to think of this series ending, since in my mind it's a corner stone to the rise of all-ages GNs sustaining and pushing the entire industry forward over the past decade+. And I feel existentially old considering I discovered Kibuishi 20 years ago with his Daisy Kutter comic (free here).

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