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New & Upcoming Comics Spotlight

Dogs, time travel, Westerns, luchadors, and Josie Campbell. Sounds like a good time.



(W) Scott Snyder (A) Juan Castro (A/CA) Jamal Igle

From New York Times-bestselling creators Scott Snyder and Jamal Igle comes this rollicking sci-fi adventure story about a boy, his dog, and a machine that controls time and space! What could go wrong? Have you ever wondered why all the great figures in history had a pet companion, and if they were all running from the same mysterious threat? Such questions have never crossed the mind of Dudley Datson, a fifteen year-old with a penchant for invention. But when dastardly foes turn his world upside down, Dudley is going to have to start facing things beyond his wildest imagination in this modern day fable.

Why this caught my eye:

Snyder feels like he's popping up all over the place, and I appreciate seeing him collaborate with a range of great creators like Jamal Igle.



(W) Motoki Tomatsu, Yumiko Fujiwara (CA) Bashar Ahmed

A pet dog is left behind on his own when a nuclear disaster forces the residents of a small town to evacuate. As he navigates the wilderness that takes over the town, he comes face to face with a savage pack of wild dogs, determined to claim back their territory.


Why this caught my eye:

You had me at dog.



(W) Brian Azzarello (A/CA) Eduardo Risso

NEW SERIES DEBUT by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso-the legendary creative team behind the seminal crime series 100 BULLETS!

In the old American West, three children set off across the wild Texas frontier to rescue their mother-kidnapped by ruthless outlaws who gunned down their preacher father. Throughout their journey, they'll face the harsh elements of an unforgiving landscape, deadly animals hungry for blood, merciless bounty hunters and so much more...all in a relentless quest to rescue their family.

Along the way, they'll learn the terrible cost of revenge-not just in lives, but in how it stains a soul. While revenge may be satisfying in the moment, it leaves a yearning behind that lasts a lifetime. And once you taste it, nothing else is ever so sweet.

In the tradition of The Searchers, The Outlaw Josey Wales, and Blood Meridian comes a brutal new western series from writer BRIAN AZZARELLO and artist EDUARDO RISSO-the Eisner award-winning team behind the Vertigo crime classic 100 BULLETS and Image Comics MOONSHINE! For fans of 1883, BLOOD MERIDIAN, & THE GOOD, & THE BAD AND THE UGLY.


Why this caught my eye:

I've never been the biggest Azzarello fan but always worth spotlighting this creative team and a promising sounding Western.



(W) Lee Harris (A/CA) Lee Harris

When the son of the most famous luchador in Slam Juan is put in a coma, the Choco Leche team must begrudgingly come back to find the person responsible... while saving the city from a giant bedpan monster!


Why this caught my eye:

There just aren't enough luchador comics, so gotta support them when they pop up.



(W) Josie Campbell (A/CA) Alessio Zonno

18-year-old Trini will do anything to compete in her favorite sport, Screaming Pain Ball, alongside her longtime hero Skull-Crusher! But she can't do it alone, and a gaggle of misfits is just what she needs to cross the American wastes and battle in Queen Mob's deadly tournament.

With Trini's dreams of being just like Skull-Crusher on the line, do she and her friends have what it takes to win a coveted spot on their team?

Breakout writer of DC's Amazons Attack event and screenwriter Josie Campbell (Wonder Woman, She-Ra And The Princesses Of Power, My Adventures With Superman) along with rising star artist Alessio Zonno (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) bring sports action to post-apocalyptic America with comic relief and brevity at its brutal heart, perfect for fans of Do A Powerbomb and Fence!


Why this caught my eye:

We're down with any new Josie Campbell projects, and Zonno's art is looking pretty great.

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