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Diamond running with limited personnel, please be kind to your retailer

As reported by ICv2, Diamond Comics Distributors, Inc is running with limited personnel. Shawn Hamrick, Chief Logistics Officer at Geppi Family Enterprises, sent out a message noting that, "Although the daily goal is 70% staffing, required to maintain social distancing, the actual staffing is often just 50% of normal."

It's also mentioned that order processing has been affected, to which I can confirm first hand. Our past few weeks of operations at the Comics Dungeon in Seattle before our permanent shut-down have been riddled with aggravating mistakes. From missing books that we can now never get for our customers, massive amounts of damages on books that would have helped us see some final profits, to receiving a box that was meant to go to a store in Colorado that we now have to deal with, it's been a mess.

Please be kind to your comic store workers if you notice any inconsistencies in shipments and book arrivals, as I can attest that they are probably a thousand times more frustrated with the situation as this is their livelihood.

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