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Cullen Bunn Announces New D&D Inspired Project

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Cullen Bunn (Harrow County, Sixth Gun, and roughly every 4th comic you've ever read because the man is a workhorse) announced on his blog a few days ago a new D&D inspired project.

I am pleased to announce a new fantasy adventure comic book project titled DEEPEST CATACOMBS. The story, which will be drawn by dozens of artists, is a nod to one-page advertisements for the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game that appeared in comic books in the 80s.
When I was a kid, I absolutely loved the D&D ads that ran in my favorite comics. These were one-page comic strips that introduced a band of heroes—Grimslade, Valerius, Saren, and Indel—who were adventuring into a dungeon in search of treasure. They met up with werewolves and goblins and green slime and dragons. The story continued from strip to strip, and I was always eager to see what would come next. Sometimes, I was more excited about the ads than the actual comics!
This interest in those old advertisements led me to develop a plan for DEEPEST CATACOMBS. This tale of epic fantasy will be released online in one-page installments. Each installment will be drawn by a different artist—some long-established pros, some up-and-coming new talent. Read together, the installments will present a complete tale, but each page will read like an advertisement for the DEEPEST CATACOMBS role-playing game—a game that never existed!
The pages will be posted online for all to enjoy.

Art for the first few instalments will be provided by A.C. Zamudio (Sixth Gun: Valley of Death, Shadow Roads) and Nick Zamudio (The Remans, Shadow Roads). Future instalments will feature a range of different surprise creators.

Bunn will have the new strips available up on his Patreon page for the public to enjoy, and additional content such as behind-the-scenes material can be unlocked by becoming a patron.

Checkout more Cullen Bunn goodness at:

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